Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 19, 2017

Caro Família,

This week went great! Sister and I spend a bit of time out of our area because of trainings in Porto Alegre, but the Lord truly blesses us with miracles! Like President Campos says: for much is given, much is required. And for much required, much is given.

Here are some highlights:

-Training reunion with missionaries with 6-12 week in the field and their trainers. I love working with new missionaries, so so much. A lot of them were having struggles, and a bit discouraged. I shared some stories with them about how the first few weeks in the field were some of the hardest weeks of my life. We talked a lot about trusting in the Lord, and his plan, and being pacient with yourself. We got them all excited to continue working with joy, and forgetting yourself and going to work!

-Star meal of the week: sunday we had churrasco with lamb, pork and chicken... with sides of broccoli and rice hmm. Dessert was crepes with chocolate, banana, sweet and condenced milk, and marshmallows.

-A member invited us to her english school, Wizard, to speak english with the students. And man did Sister Jolley and I have trouble speaking english....every time we tried, Portuguese came out! The kids did not believe that we were Americans because we literally could not speak straight enlgish sentances. Finally we had to show our licences, and idenities so they would believe us. There was one kid who asked me why I painted my hair red, and another asked if he could teach us swear words in portuguese....hahhaha

-Miracles!!! Kevin (with prayers and fasts) will be baptized this sunday! He shared his testimony with us about how the Lord is blessing him and opening up lots of opportunites for him. It is so clear that the Lord has been preparing him to be baptized. He was a drug addict, alcoholic, smoked, etc. but has stopped for 10 months now. wooohooo

-And Jackie and Sergio´s wedding is all marked! Now we just need to get on doing the wedding invintations, and decoration! July 14=wedding, July 15=baptism, and july 16<x-apple-data-detectors://2> = confirmation!!

-Our mission, Brasil Porto Alegre Norte, is reading the Book of Mormon together in 90 days! My testimony of the book of mormon has been strengthened imensly. It has a power, and outstanding influence in my life.

I know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and our pleadings. He is aware of our every need. He loves his children, and his greatest desire is that we return to his presence!

Love you all!!

Sister Hannah

June 12, 2017

Oi família!

Hope that you all are doing well, here are some highlights of my week!:

-Finally stopped raining afer almost 3 straight weeks! And it is getting chilly...YES!

-Favirite meal of the week: rizotto, BBQ ribs (with homemade BBQ sauce), salad with mango, and mint lemonade. Irmã Helena is the best.

-So not sure if I already mencioned but our district is pure American blood.  Sister Jolley from Texas, Elder Foote from Arizona, Elder Gallop from Salt Lake and me. It´s quite a hilarious sight seeing 4 Americans speak portuguese without 1 word of english slipping by.

-We are teaching a 19 year old boy named Kevin, who (we think) is living on the street...but he showed up at church last week and said that he wants to change his life. We marked to teach him in the chapel on Tuesday at 2pm with a member, but he didn´t show up. Sister and I had such a huge hope that he would be there, so we were a little bummed in the moment. But miracles exisit, because Irmão Paulo found Kevin on the steet and Kevin said that he was running behind, but still really wanted to hear our message. We taught him the Restoration, and he could not stop smileing when he heard about Joseph´s first vision. He wants to be baptized, and when the time comes, serve a mission!

-This week our recent convert, Adilson, hit the streets with us to bring us to his friends houses. He gave us more than 8 references this week, and still has so many more to give! One of his miracle references was Samuel, a 20 year old guy who lives alone with his 3 year old daughter. The mother of his daughter left him and their daughter to be a prostitute... and Samuel is really upset and broken up inside about this. Their house is very, very small (i think the size of a walk in closet), and in the house there is only 2 chairs, a bed, a fridge, and a small-ripped up couch. When we taught Samuel, we focused on faith, the repentance process, and how through baptism we can be pure from all of our sins, and begin a new life. Samuel needs to stop smoking, but has such a determination to be baptized, and it will happen in no time! 

Have I mentioned that I just love being a missionary?! I know that Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I am so thankful for the atonement and the strength that we can receive. 

Com Amor,

Sister Hannah

Sorry, but I don´t have my camera with me to send pics!