Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016


So this week, Sister Rodriguez and I got a call from President Campos asking if we had an extra bed in our house...well that was strange. He only asked the simple question and hung up the phone.

An hour later we got new news that a missionary would be arriving that day, and that I would be her trainer.....ahh WHAT! I a a new bee missionary who is far from speaking all of Portuguese!

Anyway, I had a slight nervous freak out session, but took a deep breath, and accepted the news. I know that it is impossible to have both fear and faith at the same time. So in this moment it was my decision to choose one or the other.

So....I chose to put complete trust in the Lord. Out of all the missionaries in our mission, I got chosen and I know that it wasn't for nothing. I needed this new mission just as much as she needed me. I know that the Lord trusted in me to help her adjust into mission life and to be her leader, and so I will put all my confidence in him.

So my new missionary arrived and turns out she is AMERICAN! She spent 9 weeks in the provo mtc, but while she was there she injured her foot, so she returned home to her house for one month. She was only told that she would be flying to brazil 8 hours before her flight, geez! So she came straight to brazil from her own house. Her name is Sister Snyder from Omaha, Nebraska and oh is she a HUGE blessing for me.

Yes it's true, we are two of the whitest people you have ever seen, especially in the mist of dark-skinned brazilians, but I am so excited to be her companion! She speaks portuguese SO well, and has such a strong testimony.

So because of the short notice, sister rodriguez got a new companion, Carla Piraja. She lives here in Gramado with her family, but she served a "short mission" (6 weeks) in porto alegre, so she knows all about missionary life. She agreed to be Sister Rodriguez's companion for these last 4 weeks of this transfer! So we have 4 missionaries here in Gramado as of now! So many new changes with who will take what area, who will have what bed, taking turns to shower, clean, etc. 2 more people really makes a huge difference!

Anyway, my first few days with Sister Snyder out in the field was defiantly an experience....I really had to step up to the plate this week and guide all of the lessons. Sister Snyder is a little shy, but her short and sweet testimonies at the end of the lessons truly made all of the difference. She has such a strong ability to invite the spirit. We are going to learn together during these next 12 weeks, which will be such a growing and strengthening experience. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I know that these two ghost-skninned americans will make a difference here in Gramado!

Anyway, because this week Sister Snyder and I got moved to a different part of Gramado, we spent our days meeting all new people! Families, and all! Really excited to start fresh and new!

Love you all!,

Sister Hannah

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 21, 2016

Hey FAM!

Well this week was just amazing and Afonso was baptized!! He is 17
years old and has a sister who is 8 years old.

This is the story how we met Afonso. Three weeks ago my companion and I were walking down the street and this little girl came up to us and said "hey I know you guys, you are missionaries!" We were so suprised that this little girl knew where we were, but we started to talk to her, and found out that
her mom was baptized a long time ago, but only went to church a few
times after she was baptized.

Anyway, she gave us her address, and headed to her house to meet her brother Afonso. He is probably the most calm person I have ever met, in a hilarious way. He has such a desire to read the book of mormon, and he alone desided that he will read 1 page a day without fault. (ontop of the assigned readings that we give him!)

We hope that when he recieves the priestood next week that he will
baptize his sister Lusa! It will be really special for the both  of
them. Their mom who is a less active isnt very fond of us, but at the
same time doesnt have an issue with us teaching and baptizing her
children, so all is good!

I love this missionary work with all my heart! I feel so blessed to
have this opportunity to be an instrument in the lords hand, to help
people come unto Christ. This life is so hard, full of trials, difficult experiences, but with the gospel in our life, anything is possible!

Everyone needs the truth, and light of Christ to get through this life with true happiness. I know that this time is so precious, and I only have a short year and a half to do all that the Lord  expects of me! Hitting the pillow each night with no regrets, and working through the cold, blisters, and all! Could not be more happy!!

Happy Fathers day to my amazing Dad!! Thank you for being such an
amazing example to me, someone who truly strives to help those in
need. I feel so blessed to have you as my Dad, to lead, guide, and
inspire me!

This week happy birthday to THOMAS, MATT, and HANNAH! love you all!

Sister Hannah

Ether 3-4

Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

FINALLY after 11 weeks of teaching Julio, he was baptized!! He has such a strong testimony of the gospel, and has always known that he needed to be baptized, but he was just so scared to confirm a date. So....on Saturday we suprised Julio with an enterview from President Campos (president of my mission) and oh was that 100% necessary. President Compos helped Julio to gain more courage and confidence that baptism would only be the frist step to a new life! 

So Sunday we planned to have the baptism right after church. But when julio arrived at church he said that he chickened out and wouldn´t be baptized. We literally had the baptisimal font hot and brought peanut butter, jely and nutella sandwhiches and everything. We were SO planned and pumped for this baptism. But heck no did I take no for an answer. After 11 weeks I almost shoved him into the baptisimal font myself. He has really taught me a lot of patience over these 11 weeks, but this day I almost BURST! 

So after church he returned to his house, and my companion and I made a plan B at 5 pm we returned to his house with a married couple and let them do the convincing this time. They helped him gain the final bit of confidence to commit to being baptized. SO we returned to the church and it was such a miracle that there was a baptismal service going on for another ramo. So we added julio to the batch being baptized and bahh it was amazing. He was so nervous that after the baptismal prayer he basically jumped back and baptized himself haha! But it was definantly a moment that I will never ever forget. And after the baptism he bore his testimony that he is so excited to start this new journey, and really help the church grow! 

New mission rules: always need to have a book of mormon in our hands at all time (on the street and everything)
my mission plaque needs to be on the left side over my heart, to always have our missionary purpose in our heart. 

Our mission is on FIRE with baptisms! Let it rolllllllll! And great news my companion and I will stay together for another transfer! Freezing my buns off and loving every minute of it! Have an amazing week yáll!! 

Sister Hannah

Julio is baptized. 

we visited Nova Portapolas with Elder and Sister copa and other sisters to see where the Germans began here in Rio Grande do Sol
Julio is baptized

                       chocolate and letters that julio gave us for "helping his life change"
                                                My sister training leader Bento Gonzales

                                                          Mission President and his Wife

                                                      Our beautful chapel In gramado!

June 6, 2016

Not much time to write yall, my fingers are like mini slow turtles and i am struggling to type. Today in Gramado it is freezing, and my hands are slowely turning off...but other than that life is great!

Updade: Noemir recieved the gift of the holy ghost and he bore his testimony this past domingo! He is so amazing, and always thanks us for changing his life.

Update: Daisy is a new investigator who is absolutely hilarious. During our lessons she always comments with "Gloria, Hauleluja, Amen to that" She were teaching her about 3 nephi 11 when Jesus Christ visit the people. And when we read that the people kissed the feet of jesus christ she said " no no if I was there I would have kissed the entire body of Christ" ........BAHAHHAH my companion and i died laughing

Here is gramado there are orange trees everywhere and it is a huge blessing to always have a snack to our left and right. My companion and I always grab, and eat as we treak up the lombas. The other day my companion took a huge bite of a...LEMON bahhah her face went totally squinty and sour....I proabbly laughed for 10 minutes straight.

Great news we finally met a couple that is legally married and they have a daughter of 9 years old! HAULELUJA! This week we are definanly going to focus on them, and hopefully next domingo they will be baptized!

Love you all, I love the mission so so much. Each and every day I feel the help of the lord, and i know that i am never alone. Life is GREAT!

Sister Hannah

Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 31, 2016

WOW!! What a week!!

This week was truely amazing, and full of blessings and miracles! First, my companion and I had our second baptism here in Gramado!! NOEMIR is 45 years old, and has such a desire to change his life. He had an accident when he was a truck driver, and because the accident, he cannot read anymore. But he says that when we just holds the book of mormon, his day always is better. He is so funny, he says that when every he says his prayers, he always lays out all the 6 pamplets we gave him and the book of mormon on his bed. He just adores pamplets and book of mormon, and although he can´t read them, he looks at them every single day, and carries them around with him throughout the day. Because he can´t read, we always read the book of mormon aloud with him, and he always has a huge grin. He has such bright light of christ, and love for the gospel.
I especially love his prayers. He always starts with "Vamo lá, PAI". He always is so sweet and sincere and HILARIOUS when he prays. He thanks God for sending 2 white, young missionaries, to teach him, a "preto, pobre, homen", and thanks God for chumarrão and lemon water to replace his morning coffee.

His baptism was so special, a day that I will always remember. I am so greatful that I was able to see a huge change in the life of Noemir, with the gospel in his life. I know that Heavenly Father loves every single one of his children, and desires that they all have this happiness that his church brings. I am truely so happy, and am loving every moment here in Brazil. Portuguese is coming along, and I know that with time I can become fluent!

Funnyish moment, this week at the grocery store a worker droped a huge box of melons, and I had the brilliant idea to try to catch it with my leg....well didn't turn out so well. Basically my whole shin turned into a huge purple bruise and lump. But, all is well!

So this week I met a brazilian who married her boyfriend (legally) when she was 14 years old and he was 24....bahhhh how do their parents approve of this???

Happy birthday this week to Baby William, Cece, and Daniel! Love you all! Hope your week is amazing!


Sister Hannah

A member here in Gramado is the boss of a chocolate Factory....which means chocolate for us :)

Andrea Brito and her mom visited me!! So wounderful to see a familiar face again!