Monday, June 13, 2016

June 6, 2016

Not much time to write yall, my fingers are like mini slow turtles and i am struggling to type. Today in Gramado it is freezing, and my hands are slowely turning off...but other than that life is great!

Updade: Noemir recieved the gift of the holy ghost and he bore his testimony this past domingo! He is so amazing, and always thanks us for changing his life.

Update: Daisy is a new investigator who is absolutely hilarious. During our lessons she always comments with "Gloria, Hauleluja, Amen to that" She were teaching her about 3 nephi 11 when Jesus Christ visit the people. And when we read that the people kissed the feet of jesus christ she said " no no if I was there I would have kissed the entire body of Christ" ........BAHAHHAH my companion and i died laughing

Here is gramado there are orange trees everywhere and it is a huge blessing to always have a snack to our left and right. My companion and I always grab, and eat as we treak up the lombas. The other day my companion took a huge bite of a...LEMON bahhah her face went totally squinty and sour....I proabbly laughed for 10 minutes straight.

Great news we finally met a couple that is legally married and they have a daughter of 9 years old! HAULELUJA! This week we are definanly going to focus on them, and hopefully next domingo they will be baptized!

Love you all, I love the mission so so much. Each and every day I feel the help of the lord, and i know that i am never alone. Life is GREAT!

Sister Hannah

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