Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29, 2017

Oi Familia!

-Let me just begin to tell you that this was one of the most hilarious weeks of my mission. Because.....we baptized Napolian Dynimite!! Well his portuguese-speaking clone, of course (named Adilson). He is just a hoot (as mom would say) and has the funnies comments that make us roll on the floor laughing. Imagine 30 year old, tal, skinny man, with curly hair, a bold spot, big glasses with small hoop earings. He was a reference from Alan (recent convert) and he has such a desire to change, and follow Christ´s example. He loves to listen to gospel music (especially a singer called Fernandindo...who I think is very strange), and always shows us his “Jesus notebook” with quotes and scriptures that he studied. Like alot of people, he has a past that he is not proud of, and he is ready to completely change his life. Every lesson we taught him he would say “I don´t have a problem with this to be baptized”. He said that he wants to be a “true” mórmon that converts all his friends to be mormon aswell, and he wants to serve a mission for 3 years....hahaha! He is too great. His baptism Sunday had the whole room dying of laughter. Poor slob, the water was ice cold, and he began letting out yelps even before he was dunked down. After the baptisimal prayer, Adilson went under the water and .5 seconds later he shot out, jumping around, gasping for air, and waving his arms all over the place. Hahahha Irmã Neusa said that he looked like a cat, deathy affraid of the water. Sister Jolley and I could not stop laughing for the next 3 hours!

-Anyways, we have been working with Alan to be confirmed becasue for the last 2 Sundays he was working and didn´t go to church, and we think that he may have fallen into drinking again. So this week we visited him each and everyday to prepare him mentally and spiritually do be there. He just loves the Book of Mormon, and he had a spiritual experience with it this week, that helped him understand that Heavenly Father truly hears his prayers and knows him perfectly. (it was Alma 42 verses 29-31) We also did a object lesson to help him understand the great value that he has in the sight of God. We brought a dollar, and explained to him that no matter what you do to a dollar, (crumple it up, lose it under your bed for months,  step on it, or even rip it a little bit, it is still 1 dollar). At the end we gave him the dollar, and wrote on it “The value of souls is great in the sight of God”. He adored it, and he thanks us so much for not giving up on him. He said “when you leave Campo Bom, I want you to have a different image of who I am. I want you see me as the new Alan”. It is increadible to see the atonement work through Heavenly Fathers Children!

-This week Sister Jolley and I also gave a training to our Zone about how to teach better about the importance of church, and promissing blessings to those that go.. Who would have known that I would come to love giving trainings! I was a bit nervous at first, but I am learning that the Lord truly makes us capable to fulfill the callings that he gives us. 

-Another highlight was that we had 84 people in sacrament meeting!! That´s 40 more that last was amazing because the stake presidente was there to see rows of chairs all the way out of the little garage.
I love, loved this week, and am so excited for the next! 

Love you all! 

Sister Hannah

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 22, 2017

Hope that you all are doing well, it looks like Seth and Megans reception was gorgeous! 
Here are some highlights of this week:
-This week we taught Tamiris for the second time, and we were very impressed with her progress. The first time we visited her she said that she had never prayed before or even entered a church in her whole life. This week she said that she had prayed, and asked Heavenly Father if he was really there. Her words were very touching when she said, “I know that he was listening.” Our lesson with her was going well until we heard loud foot steps approaching....her husband. Who is pretty much anti religion, anti-God. When he saw us there, he started literally started shaking with anger, entered the house, and slammed the door after him (basically locking us in)There were so many thoughts running through my mind as to what would happen, but I put my trust in the Lord that he would protect us. After many minutes of repeatidly screaming and then silence, we got up, thanked Tamiris and told her that everything would be alright, and left. Let´s just say that the scene was super tense... Poor Tamiris obviously is so unhappy with him, and it made me sad that she was put into that position. But I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for her, and we will for sure visit her again.
-I have been learning a bit more about patience and I just loved this quote from President Monson, “Life is full of difficulties, some minor and others of a more serious nature. There seems to be an unending supply of challenges for one and all. Our problem is that we often expect instantaneous solutions to such challenges, forgetting that frequently the heavenly virture of patience is required.” I know that patience truly is an atribute necessary for the Celestial kingdom, and we need to stive to have patience with each and person. I often think about the patience that Heavenly Father has with us! We are always making mistakes, again and again, and yet he is patience and willing to forgive us as many times as necessary. 
-This week my testimony of establishing goals has grown even stronger. I know that our goals reflect our greatest dreams and the desires of our hearts. They are a vision of what we want to accomplish, and attain. As Elder Ballard said, “When one learns to máster the principles of setting a goal, he will then be able to make a great difference in the results he attains in this life”. Each day we set goals of how many baptisimal dates we will set, how many new investigators we will meet, how many lessons, etc and throughout the day we are determined to reach these goals. I am so greatful that my misison has taught me to live an organized life, and to challenge myself to go beyond my limits. I have learned that when we do all that we can, the Savior will make up for the rest that we lack. 
-I know that when life gets hard, we need to remmber the WHY. When we have doubts or feel discouraged, we need to remember that the reason we need to keep trying is because of Christ. He knows what we are going thourgh, and He is the only one who who knows exactly how we feel. Trust in him and he will guide your path. 
I just love being a missionary, and to help the Lord in his urgent work! I am learning so much, and truly depending to trust in the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength!!

Love you all!!
Sister Hannah

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15, 2017


It was so great to see some familiar faces, and talk to all of you yesterday. Strange enough, it felt like all a dream that came, and went so fast. Once again, Happy Mother´s day to the best mom that anyone could have. I am so so greatful for you and everything that you do for me. There are so many thing I love and cherish about you, you mean so much to me!  I hope that you day was special, and that you know that each of us kids just adore you and are so greatful for you!

My mothers day went a bit like this:  
-Running around to get our investigators do church (4 miles before 9:00am..) but it was great because we had Betty Johan, Denise, Olrile, and Linda (who are from Haiti) all there. Also Raquel and Fabiana. It was a wonderful sacrament meeting focused on mothers, and the importante role that they have in Heavenly Fathers plan. 
-After church we had lunch with a Family which was homemade pizza, and chocolate cake, working to get in all of our lessons, and meeting Gods elects, and highlight, talking to all of you! Sorry that my english was a bit rough...

This week I focused a lot  on studing more and more about Christs Atonement. In Elder Balard´s words:  “Christ´s Atonement also enablel us to do good and become better in ways that stretch far beyond our mortal capacities. The Savior has suffered not just for our sins and iniquities but also for our physical pains and anguish, our weaknesses and discouragement, our regrets and remorse, our despair and desperation, the injustices and inequitie we experience, and the emotional distresses that beset us. There is no physical pain, no spiritual wound, no anguish of soul of headache, no infirmity or weakness you or I ever contront in mortality that the Savior did not experience first.”
I am so greatful to know that Christ understands us perfectly and knows what trials and difficulties we are passing. 

I was able to see the Atonement work in Ana´s (an investigator) life this week. She has smoked all her life and thought that she was uncapable of stopping. We have been working for her for a few weeks now, and this week she told us an experience of what happend with her. She said that everytime she went to smoke, she looked at the Picture of Christ that we gave her, and she make it to 3 days of not smoking. On the 4th day, she had a stress case and went to smoke. She said she put the cigarette in her mouth, and got so nauseous that she through the cigarrette from her and vowed to never, ever smoke again. MIRACLE!

Love my family. So much. You all mean the world to me!!

Sister Hannah

May 8, 2017

Minha Familia Incrível!

--Let me just say that I just love Campo Bom. I have such a love for the people here, that it is starting to feel like home to me. The branch here is full of generous people who are always willing to help us with lunch, rides, references, and  support for us and our investigators. Yesterday in sacrament meeting was another spiritual testimony meeting, and I could not help but be amazed. Yes our attendance is small, but we is growing immensly. Yesterday we had 52 people presente at church, and each and every person makes such a difference in our small entity. I have never seen a group of members with such a strong unity. Our church building is a small blue house with lots of mold, ant hills, and completly falling apart. But that does not stop the members from inviting their friends, and bringing such a sweet, markable spirit.
I am so so so greatful that I will be staying here yet another transfer! Tá dinha Sister Sá only stayed here 1 transfer and has already been moved to Bento Gonsalves. And looks like I will be staying here in Campo Bom till the end!!! (Almost 8 months in total).

--My new companion is Sister Jolly from Texas! President Campos created a new designation, we have been called to be the “test drive”. Not quite sure what it is called, something like Sister Leader Training Leader. Which basically means now we will be responsable for all of the other Sister<x-apple-data-detectors://2> Leaders.  It will be different for me because I was used to working with new missionaries, but now we will be working with Sisters who already have a lot of experience, and are leaders. Excited to see how it goes!

Side notes from this week> I have discovered that I am deathly (almost) alergic to cats. Even if a cat slithers on by, I start sneekzing, eyes water, and my nose itches verywhere.
--we had 4 Haitians come to church, another middle-aged couple , and a 9 year old girl who are ELECTS and truly prepared by the Lord.

--Alan was baptized!! And let me talk about a spiritual baptism. It was undescrible. Akzã (recent convert and son-in-law) baptized him and Amanda (his daughter) gave a burning testiony at the end.  Her words literally were the definition of “ talking from the heart”. Imagine the whole room crying... definantly a feeling and moment that I will never forget.

--This week I was able to be a special witness of the power of fasting, and the miracles that are ceased when we exercise our faith. We have been working with a kid named Gustavo for weeks now, but he never accepted the fact that he needed to be baptized because he was “already baptized” in another church. He has been coming to church for a month now, and we tried just about everything to get him to understand the importance of being baptized by someone who has the proper autority. My companion and I fasted and prayed that his heart would be touched. After we ended our fast, we headed to his house, filled with faith and confidence that the Lord would do His part. And what happend...Gustavo FINALLY accapted to be baptized this coming Saturday<x-apple-data-detectors://3>. I love my Heavenly Father, and I know that he hears and answers our prayers. He is so merciful.

--I know that each soul is great in the sight of God, and each person has great value. I am trying to see as Christ does and do as he would if He were in my place. I love God´s children, and it so importante that each and every one of us does our part so that they can return to His presence. Do your  part in the rescue of the lost sheep.

Com Amor,
Sister Hannah

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017-Only 90 days to go!!


Thank you for all your sweet letters and support! You all are increadible.
Here are some highlights of the week!

-There was a hurricane (ish) that came through Campo Bom Tuesday that had just about everything flying up in the air. Sister Sá and I even got wacked in the head by a few things....including lots of tree branches, some mans underwear, leaves, posters, lots of trash, and (I think) a coconut. I was wearing a long maxi skirt, and some how a gust of wind blew my skirt way over my about embarassing! 
More than half of the city was without energy, and that means street lights as well. We were walking in the pitch dark, litera[lly walking with faith that we wouldn´t fall into a hole. Thankfully we got to Adriana and Joaos house--they too were without energy, and when we got there they were singing "Called to Serve" in the candle light!

-Lots of doce de leite filled churros....

-I did a division with a new Mexican Sister! Lots of mexicans in our mission!

-I was in heaven at Rosane and Carlos´s house. In their backyard they have so many increadible trees of pomegranets, oranges, lemons, pecans, etc.

-Something special that happened this week was teaching a family, with 7 year old Pedro. During the lesson, Pedro had his eyes fixed on us, smiling. At the end he told us to wait for him to write a letter. He handed me a cute, handmade letter and said "This letter is for Jesus". He gave my companion and I each about 5 hugs and told us how he loved our message. This little boy truly touched my heart. I have such a certaintly that he was able to see and feel what many people dont --that we are represenatives of Jesus Christ. It was such a tender experience for me, to share the love of Christ with him and his family. I love children. They are so pure, innocent, and Christ-like! 

- There are so many reasons why I LOVE being a missionary. One thing that I love it to look directly in someones eyes and say "I know that our message is true." I have no doubt that the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints is Christs church on the earth, and that today we have a living prophet.

-"Every Later-day Sant should make the study of the Book of Mormon a life time persuit" -Thomas s. Monson

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Hannah

p.s- there was a little issue with alan´s baptism..but this week everything will go as planned!