Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017-Only 90 days to go!!


Thank you for all your sweet letters and support! You all are increadible.
Here are some highlights of the week!

-There was a hurricane (ish) that came through Campo Bom Tuesday that had just about everything flying up in the air. Sister Sá and I even got wacked in the head by a few things....including lots of tree branches, some mans underwear, leaves, posters, lots of trash, and (I think) a coconut. I was wearing a long maxi skirt, and some how a gust of wind blew my skirt way over my about embarassing! 
More than half of the city was without energy, and that means street lights as well. We were walking in the pitch dark, litera[lly walking with faith that we wouldn´t fall into a hole. Thankfully we got to Adriana and Joaos house--they too were without energy, and when we got there they were singing "Called to Serve" in the candle light!

-Lots of doce de leite filled churros....

-I did a division with a new Mexican Sister! Lots of mexicans in our mission!

-I was in heaven at Rosane and Carlos´s house. In their backyard they have so many increadible trees of pomegranets, oranges, lemons, pecans, etc.

-Something special that happened this week was teaching a family, with 7 year old Pedro. During the lesson, Pedro had his eyes fixed on us, smiling. At the end he told us to wait for him to write a letter. He handed me a cute, handmade letter and said "This letter is for Jesus". He gave my companion and I each about 5 hugs and told us how he loved our message. This little boy truly touched my heart. I have such a certaintly that he was able to see and feel what many people dont --that we are represenatives of Jesus Christ. It was such a tender experience for me, to share the love of Christ with him and his family. I love children. They are so pure, innocent, and Christ-like! 

- There are so many reasons why I LOVE being a missionary. One thing that I love it to look directly in someones eyes and say "I know that our message is true." I have no doubt that the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints is Christs church on the earth, and that today we have a living prophet.

-"Every Later-day Sant should make the study of the Book of Mormon a life time persuit" -Thomas s. Monson

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Hannah

p.s- there was a little issue with alan´s baptism..but this week everything will go as planned!

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