Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 27, 2017

Hellooo Fam!

It´s like each week honestly gets better and better and better. This week we had so many tender mercies from the Lord. 

First off, we have 13 investigators come to church....success!!! And 9 of them were member references. I love how the members here in Campo Bom are so excited about missionary work and are so willing to bring us to meet their friends. Because truely we are here to help the members accomplish their missionary work.

-Trying to plan 4 weddings and lots of baptisms....
-Tried playing the piano during sacrament meeting.....yeash. Not successful. But I will get better....

My new companion is Sister A.Santos from Paraiba! Like my last companion,  is also on her last transfer of her mission.

Sister A. Santos and I also gave talks in sacrament meeting, which was so perfect because we were able to focus on helping the investigators feel the spirit, and also speak in simple terms that they could understand. I saw so many of them get emotional, and they truely love loved church!

I have such a testimony that when we do our part, when we are obedient, and truly depend on the Lord, miracles happen. Heavenly Father knows our needs, and he wants to help, it is us who has to give him the chance. 

In my talk I spoke a bit about the topic, "Am I good enough, will i make it:"  At times in our lives, we doubt if we are sufficient. But though the atonement of Jesus Christ, the answer will always be YES, we are good enough. And we will make it!

We need to have more positive attitudes, and replace our fear with faith and trust in the Lord. 

We have amazing investigators!!! wish I could talk more about them, but the time as gone!

I know that this missionary work is urgent, and each of us play a part in the work. It is a work of joy, love, and feeling a bit of what the savior went through. Love it.

Love you all!!

Sister Hannah

Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017-

Hey Family!

This week was the last weeks of Sister Soares mission, so we got to visit the Porto Alegre temple.....my favorite place. (especially when we get to drink chimarrão in the gorgeous jardin)

And yes it was my birthday week. The Campo Bom branch planned a suprise birthday party for me with cake, balloons, pizza, and other goodies! Such a special day, and I am so greatful for all the people who made my 20th so markable. It was even greater to see some of our investigators there as well!

Also my 1 year mark...but anyways,

This week was the last week of Sister Soares on the mission, and the members all had a get to week to give thanks for her service. There were some things said that truely touched my heart. 
Jackson who is a recent convert of 2 years who married a member (he was a testimony of jehova) said, "I never served a mission, so I don´t know a lot about what the missionaries go though, but I image that it is not easy and that you have a lot of trials. But coming from a recent convert, let me tell you that what you are passing through is all worth it. My life is forever blessed and changed because of the missionaries. I could not thank you enough."
Adriana (who will be baptized with her husband after the civil wedding on March 10th) said, "My greatest dream is that my two daughters serve missions, and become like you both. Just as I know that this is the  true restored gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth, I know that you restored my family. My family has changed immensly and I am eternally greatful." 

I have come to realize that a single choice can change everything. And my choice to serve a mission has forever changed my life. I LOVE being a missionary and it is my greatest honnor to represent my Savior and Redeemer. Honestly this has been the hardest, but most increadible experience that I have ever had. It is hard to describe in words how I feel, and how greatful I am to be here in Brazil. Helping Gods children come unto Christ, and understand the sacrifice that the Savior made has made such a influence in my life. It is a tender opportunity to help people learn of the perfect plan of our Heavenly Father and feel his sincere love. I know that Christ lives, and his restored earth is on the earth today. I am a living witness of this! 

if you are trying to decide to serve a mission. Serve. Don´t let this blessing and opportunity pass. You will not regret it, i promise.

com amor,

Sister Hannah

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

Hey family!

This was such a week to remember. We truely saw the tender mercies of the Lord, and his hand blessing our lives and the lives of our investigators. 

There was a huge complication with the Catório (civil in english? não sei) but Adreana and João were married in the church! Because the paper work woun´t be ready for about 20 more days, there weren´t able to get baptized with their daughters. But the wedding was so special, and there were so many investigators that attended1 Two of Adrianas sisters told us that they too wanted to go to church and get married! 
Arianas mother is so evangelic (i´m talking long stangily hair to her knees), but she went to the wedding, baptism, and church to see the confirmation! she said that she felt so much peace in the church, in comparision to her church that "puts her to sleep" haaha

Highlight was their daughters Maria luiza and Emily were able to be baptized! What a special day. they were glowing. The young women of our branch each bore their testimonies at the baptis mand say a hymn. What a spiritual baptism!

Here are some things that stood out to me this week:
-repentance is to have faith in christ and DEPEND on him. This week we taught a girl named amanda, who sufferes from depression. It was such a powerful lesson teaching her about how through christ she could be healed. we gave he a vision of her her life could be after the repentance process. How she could be completely pure, happy and clean. We made it clear that Heavenly Father will never abandon her, and how he hopes that she comes unto him to be forgiven. 

-A person who seeks to do things the easy way, becomes weak. 
Look for ways to grow! challenge yourself! you are stronger than you think you are.

I have learned so much about being positive! to recognize my blessings, and understand how increadible blessed i am! Rmember that each day is a great day if you make it one. Be happy, life is to be lived and enjoyed! not "to be supported".

I love my savior! I love the atonement and the privilage that we have to come unto christ and be healed and made clean! everyone needs to know this joy and hope!


Sister Hannah 

Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017

Hey family!!

Highlights of this week:

I just love member references! Irmão Jairo e Irmã Ivanir brought us to
a house of their friends and it was increadible! Jessica, Floravante,
and Serlie are so interested in the church. Jessica even got super
emotional when we talked about the first vision. The next time we went
there to visit them they had a Churrasco ready to serve haha! And
these people truly share everything they have. So poor, yet willing to
give to others.

The wedding of Adriana and João is coming along! This weekend will be
so special. Wedding on Friday, Baptism Saturday and Confirmation
Adriana is inviting lots of members of her family, and it will be
great for them to get to know the church and have the opportunity to
feel the spirit!

-Brasilians love Peanutbutter and jelly sandwhiches
-learning how to Sombaaaaaaa

The Lord truly is blessing us here in  Campo Bom! Our ward even had a
meeting with all the leaders just about missionary work. The members
are stepping up their game and finally getting involved with the
lord´s urgent work.
A phrase that helped me this week:
"The greatest miracle wasn´t when Moses parted the Red Sea. Wasn´t
when Noah built the Arc. The Greatest miracle happens when we humbly
approach our Heavenly Father in prayer, fervently plead to be
forgiven, and then are cleansed of these sings through the atoning
sacrifice of our Savior"

I love being a missionary! I love working with and helping the Lord's
children. Truly increadible.

Sister Hannah