Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 27, 2017

Hellooo Fam!

It´s like each week honestly gets better and better and better. This week we had so many tender mercies from the Lord. 

First off, we have 13 investigators come to church....success!!! And 9 of them were member references. I love how the members here in Campo Bom are so excited about missionary work and are so willing to bring us to meet their friends. Because truely we are here to help the members accomplish their missionary work.

-Trying to plan 4 weddings and lots of baptisms....
-Tried playing the piano during sacrament meeting.....yeash. Not successful. But I will get better....

My new companion is Sister A.Santos from Paraiba! Like my last companion,  is also on her last transfer of her mission.

Sister A. Santos and I also gave talks in sacrament meeting, which was so perfect because we were able to focus on helping the investigators feel the spirit, and also speak in simple terms that they could understand. I saw so many of them get emotional, and they truely love loved church!

I have such a testimony that when we do our part, when we are obedient, and truly depend on the Lord, miracles happen. Heavenly Father knows our needs, and he wants to help, it is us who has to give him the chance. 

In my talk I spoke a bit about the topic, "Am I good enough, will i make it:"  At times in our lives, we doubt if we are sufficient. But though the atonement of Jesus Christ, the answer will always be YES, we are good enough. And we will make it!

We need to have more positive attitudes, and replace our fear with faith and trust in the Lord. 

We have amazing investigators!!! wish I could talk more about them, but the time as gone!

I know that this missionary work is urgent, and each of us play a part in the work. It is a work of joy, love, and feeling a bit of what the savior went through. Love it.

Love you all!!

Sister Hannah

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