Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017

Hey Family!

Here are some highlights of this week:

-Peanutbutter and jelly sandwhiches for breakfast everyday

-Leadership meeting in Porto Alegre. Looks like Campo Bom had the highest number of investigators at church  in the month of February than any other area in the misson! And all thanks to the members here. Or job is to help the members succeed with their missionary work.

-We had another member reference: Ariane. She is soooooo ready for the restored gospel. We taught her the restoration and she was beaming. At the end of our first lesson with her, I shot out the baptismal invite. Carlos(member who gave us her referal) looked at me like I was crazy, and I he began to sweat and get all nervous, waiting for her response. hahha....funny that Ariane happily said YES i want to be baptized. Carols let out the biggest grin. We thanked him so much for trusting in us to teach his friend. Ariane went to church sunday, and we are preparing for yet another wedding and baptism in 30 days! 

-This week I was reflecting a lot about my last area and how it was one of the harest 4 1/2 months for me. My companions and I were working so hard, praying with intensity, and doing all we could, but the baptisms didn´t come. I am coming to realize that at times, Heavenly Father gives us one challenge after another to test our faith. He wants to know if we truely depend on him, and trust in him more than we trust in ourselves. I bear my testimony that when we continue on through the rough times,. the fruits come in HIS time. The fruits are arriving, and I feel my Heavenly Fathers love more strongly each and everyday. To me, there is no feeling more special than the feeling that heavenly father is proud of you. I want to do all I possibly can to dedicate everything to him in these 18months. 24 hours each day is a blessing and a privlage to do the lords work and be an active instrument in his hands. So, keep trying. And don´t loose hope! Heavenly Father knows what you are passing, and he will bless your effors and hard work!

So many weddings and baptisms down the road. Pure joy!

Have patience, blessings come in the time of the Lord!

I am so proud to have the Savior's name over my heart. I will do all I possibly can to keep his trust in me, to help his prepared children here in Campo Bom!

Love you family! You give me so much strength. Miss youuuu

Sister Hannah

Sorry for no pictures. This computer is horrible.  

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