Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

This week was fully of many tender experiences and a strong feeling of the love that my heavenly father has for me and each of his children.

Here are a few highlights!

-Met a met a old man 86 years old who lost his wife 3 years ago. His heart is still broken over her loss. He said that they were married for 66 years. So tender. His lip kept quivering when he talked about her. And tears streamed from his eyes. We talk him about the Plan of Salvation that that he will be able to see his dear wife again. He began to lighten up with hope. I am so greatful to bring light to his life through the gospel of jesus Christ, and to help him come to the knowlege that families can be together forever.

-Ate with a recent convert Gliece. She told us, "i know that my food isn´t very fancy. but I made it with a lot of love. Because when I serve the missionaries, it is as if I am serving jesus Christ himself" Wow did that just hit me. I truely am a represenative of Jesus Christ. I try my best to walk as he would walk, teach as he would teach, and love others as he would. It is a huge, but increadible responsibility.
Gleice is definantly a great example to me. Reminds me what a apostle said in this recent conference. You know if you are TRUELY converted by the gospel if you have the continual joy to spead it with all. Gleice loves to hand out Liahonas (ensigns) to her co-workers, and talk about the gospel in place. She knows how much it can change the lifes of others.

Any ideas to work with the family of Clayton? He is a hard core alcoholic and we are trying to get them baptized. His wife and son are the sweetest things ever.

Love it when your brach presdient asks you 1 min before sacrament meeting to give a talk.....AH! But all is well because I have the Lord on my side. Gave a few words, scriptures, and experiences but the spritit was definantly the one guiding me. Because if it wasn´t for him, I would have peed my pants of nervousness...

I am learning so much everyday, especially to love as Christ  does. To have charity for others. I love my calling, and I love my savior!

Come unto Christ, and be perfected in him. be cleansed through him. be saved through him.

Sister Hannah

November 7, 2016


With only 1 hour in total to write all of my fam, friends, president, and get all my numbers of the week in the system, email time is always so so stressful. But greatful for the little time that I have to talk with all of you! Thank you for always writiing me and for your sweet letters. You all have a special place in my heart, and I pray for you all always! Happy birthday this week to my dear grandma rose, lauren, naomi, isaac, and justin! And congrats stephan for getting called as a bishop!!

Highlights of this week:
My companion opened her mission call! She will be going to London, England!! March 15,2017<x-apple-data-detectors://0>. She is pumped and I am already teaching her the British accent.

The next morning we took 5 investigators and lots of recent converts from our branch to the temple in Porto Alegre! Such a spiritual experience and they all were in AWE

Jefferson and his family are really progressing! He told us that he has always wanted to be baptized in the mormon church. INCREADIBLE! His mother is dying of cancer and this is a really tender part of his life. He and his wife will get married and baptized in no time!

Thank you so much family for the packages! And thank you Charlie Lysenko for your sweet letter! It was definantly better than presents on X-mas morning.

I can´t even begin to tell you all how much the mission has opened my eyes. I have an understanding of the importance of our life here on the earth. I have come to understand that every person is a special child to our heavenly father. He trust in us to help his children return to him.

I invite each of you to think about how to the gopel has influenced/changed your life. Now think about how it really can change the life of one of your friend. Share the gospel! Be corageous and valient! The lord depends on you! Time is short, so give it your all! I feel so blessed and I know that the Lord is aware of me and my trails. I am trying each day to come closer to him through my words, thoughts, and actions. He is AWARE of everything.

Love you all so so much!

Sister Hannah