Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

Minha Família!

This week week was incredible, full of many learning experiences and miracles! Here are some highlights:

-First learning experience, dogs are not my thing. I love campo bom, but I swear there are more dogs than people in the city, it´s insane! Sister Sá and I got attacked by 4 angry little-ones. Lucky she beat them off with her umbrella and book of mormon while I ran off calling for someone to save us....hahah these dogs! 

-Adriana our recent convert and her family are progressing more and more. This week she gave the prayer at the adult session of Stake Conference. We weren´t there, but we were told that it was such a powerful prayer that even had people crying. I know that the Lord prepars his children for the true gospel! Her husband, João recieved the priesthood, and I know that their family will be so blessed.

-Sister Sá and I were invited to participate in the Men´s Priesthood session of Stake Conference, super legit! Along will all the other elders in our Zone. It was all about missionary work and really getting the members involved.

-Stake conference Sunday was also ALL about missionary work. I love how the new brazil-area goal is to get the members to be activly involved in Inviting friends to church, and giving references to the missionaries. There was also a training of how to treat investigators when they get to church for the first time. 

Something that caught my attention when Presdient Campos said, " if the Savior was only the earth, what would he be doing? Knocking doors, and teaching his gospel for the salvation of souls." If we want to be like Christ, we need to do as he would! Follow His footsteps and share the gospel! There are so many people passing trails, and they need more than anying the joy and hope of the gospel. Each of us has the sacred responsability to share the gospel in these last days.

Excited for Alan to be baptized sunday! He is the father of a recent convernt, Amanda. He has lived a rough life, espcially because his dad gave him drugs when he was only 7 years old. He has been addicted for over 25 years, but finally stopped for 4 years now. He is so excited to be baptized and start his new life following Christ! 

Seeing lives change is increadible! One of the greatest privlages I have. I know that Christ lives! I know that my Savior walks at my side every step of the way. I love my Heavenly Father, and his Son.

I love you family!!

Sister Hannah

Monday, April 17, 2017

April 16, 2017

Minha Família!,

So happy for bride and groom, CONGRATS Seth and Megan!!
And happy Easter, all! My second easter on the mission, and it is wonderful.

-Staring to get colder here, and what a blessing that is.

-Sister Sá and I were showered with tonssssss of chocolate from the members here. 2 giant chocolate eggs with truffles inside, another huge egg filled with brigadeiro, box of chocolates, homemade cookies (more like crackers), etc.

-Our easter lunch was churrasco (of course), rice, lasagna, ipem, and a buffet of salad! And for dessert chocolate cheese cake (dreamy), and sagu.

What a special week this was, remembering the sacred ressurection of Christ! There as such a sweet spirit Sunday, one that touches our hearts in such a way that there is no way to deny it. One of my recent converts here, Adriana (member for a bit over a month) gave the lesson in Relif Society! She planned everything so well, and it was a beautful lesson about Christ. I am so proud of her and her progression. Seeing the fruits of our labor, and it feels so good!

I can´t begin to describe how greatful I am to have the restored gospel in my life! Above all, it brings so much joy to know that Jesus Christ loves us so much, that we are living in the days when his church is restored upon the earth. We have these rich blessings that were lossed for almost 2,000 years: Baptism, recieving the gift of the holy ghost, sealing of eternal families: the priestood!

I am coming to know and feel more and more the power of the book of mormon. This week we had an experience with Bete and Douglas. Douglas has been hearing our messages, but we felt as though he wasn´t opening his heart to accepting. We finally turned to the greatest resource of conversion: the book of mormon. We read with him Ether 12:27<x-apple-data-detectors://1>. After reading, he looked us into the eyes and said. "I want to read this book". There was such a strong spirit in the room, testifiying that it truly is the word of God.

Greatful for the knowlege that we have that Christ lives! And that one day we too will be resurected beings.

I know that Christ suffered for each of us. He knows what it is like to be alone, compeltely alone. And doesn´t want anyone to suffer as he did. Come unto Christ, and he will give you the strength to endure!

Com Amor,

Sister Hannah

April 3, 2017

Querida Famìlia,

Conference Weekend was just increadible, wasn´t it! Truly helps us awaken to a new spiritual freshness. It always makes the biggest difference when we prepare to listen to the words of Christ´s chosen leaders. There was so much that stood out to me, especially things that I need to change and do better! If we want to be called Christ´s disciples, we need to be worthy of this sacred title. 

I love that conference makes us reflect on who we are now, and who we want to become. Like Elder Eyring said, "Those who do not see their weaknessess, do not progress". But it´s we don´t apply what we learned today, we will never change. Without action, whatever "potential" that exists with not have the power to begin.

There was so much said about study of the scriptures. It is always said, but do we always do it with a full heart: The book of mormon is our armor, and the fount of spiritual growth, knowlege, and support. 

"The call for courage" is all around us, and more than ever we need to strengthen ourselves and others to be ready for the second coming. It is so true that if we are scared for the 2nd coming, there´s some repenting that needs to be done-means that we are not ready. 

Delisia, a member reference, watched conference Satuday and said she just adored it. She suffered the death of her husband a year ago, and has been prepared to accept the gospel. Imagining her all in white, ready to enter into the temple in a bit more than a year! 

Sister A. Santos returned home, and today I will revieve a new sister leader: Sister Sá! I hear she is increadible. Exciteddddd! 

The time is passing so fast, and I am racing against it using every drop of energy i got. It´s not everyday that I will have the opportunity to serve 24 hours a day. I know that my Redeemer lives. He knows each and everyone of us, and invites us to know him. I am so happy to have this knowlege. And to know that no matter how many times I fail, through Christ there is always another chance to change and be better.

Amo minha famìlia! 

Sister Hannah

March 27, 2017

Oi family!

-Just another week of miracles, including the BAPTISM of Melissa! She is 16 years old and was a miracle sent from above. She is the one who calls for us on the street, and wanted to be baptized as soon as possible. She has already decided that she wants to serve a mission, and is so determinted to change and be better than her past. Her baptism was increadible, and there was lost of people from the branch there to support her! Her mom isn´t a member, but ended up going to the baptism. Only issue was that her mom cried the whole time, infront of the chapel because she was upset that Melissa was getting baptized (they were catholic). Melissa looked her mom straight in the eyes and said" Would you rather me be baptized, to continue being the crazy person that I was? I am changing." This truly sunk into her moms heart, and let out a big smile and finally accepted the baptism. 

-We take care of the Sisters in San Francisco de Paula and a few weeks ago there was a huge tornado there that destroyed 1,600 houses. Luckily only 1 person died. We went there to do some service work this week!

-Amanda and Akzã are preparing for their wedding and baptism April 7th.They asked lots of questions this week of how they could start preparing to serve a mission as a couple! Eleitos do Senhor!

-A quote that I found by Elder Uchtdorf: "Remember with the Saviors help, you can break free from whatever you are passing. It may be a long, difficult path, but the Lord will not give up on you. He loves you. Jesus Christ suffered the atonement to help you change, to fee you from the captivity of sin. The most important thing is to keep trying- sometimes it takes several attempts before people find success. So don´t give us. Don´t loose faith. Keep your heart close to the Lord, AND He will give you the power of deliverance. He will make you free."

I love this quote! I know that through the Lord, even the most difficult challegned can pass and we will become so much stronger. Success is just around the corner, so don´t give up!

Te amo!!

Sister Hannah