Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 26, 2016


wow, so increadible to talk to my enormous, loving, increadible fam! you all mean the world to me, and I am so blessed to have you all in my life! Don´t forget my invitation for all of you to pray sincerely and ask the Lord what he thinks of you. You will recieve a response that makes you feel extremely loved, but at the time time understand how he wants you to grow and learn to reach your full potential!

This week was packed full and also a bit diffiult because all of our investigators were traveling for the holidays! But here are some highlights:

We are teaching a family that is so so cool! There daughter Ana Elena (16 years old) really took our message about the restoration and pondered it thoughrully. After we talked about the first vision she was all quiet and finally said, "wow, that is increadible. because of Joseph and his courage to pray to the lord for an answer, he revieved the truth. And now I, living here in Brazil, get to benifit to know that the church of jesus christ is on the earth all because of his choice to act on his faith"
this girl gave me goose bumps! But she is right it truely is increadible!
I  know that joseph smith was called as a prophet of God to restore the true church of jesus christ on the earth. I know the God talks to each of us and leads us through his chosen prophets. Do you understand the need for the restoration of the gospel?
This is a quote by Elder Stevenson that I have been thinking about a lot lately, "Heavenly Fathers generous compensation for living in perilous times is that we also live in the fullness of times."
I know that times are hard, but we are chosen to  be living on the earth at this time! The lord trusts and has confidence in each and everyone of you! Live up to your divine potention, and know/understand how to access the power of the Lord in your lifes! Have a greater vision of what is possible!

Christmas was unbeliveable special. I felt so close to my Savior, and I truely have a better understanding of his love for each and everyone of us. I know that through his infinate sacrifice we can be cleaned and strengthened even in the darkest times. He is the light of the world, and you can be too! Be a savior among men! There are so many waiting for the gospel, and you could be the one to bring it to them!

Feliz natal! Praying for you all!!

Sister Hannah

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 19, 2016

Hey Family!!

This week was crazy week. First off, Sister Campos´ foot got worse and when she called Presdient, he thought it best if she returned home from her short term mission. She was distraught and was very sad because she is an increadible missionary who works increadibly hard and is always happy. Ayways, we had an emergency transfer and looks like I am training again...! Her name is sister Fogo and she only had 2 weeks in the mission field. She is great. She is also doing a short term mission but she will stay for 6 months! 

But the whole emergency transfer thing was very rough especially because SIster Campos and I were visiting 50 different people and when she suddenly left it was all up to me to help these people (because sister Fogo didnpt yet know them). 
I had such a spiritual experience one morning during my personal study. I was thinking about all these people, and opened the Bibile to Proverbs 16:20 that says, "He that handeleth a matter wisely shall find good. And whoso trusteth in the lord, happy is he". This scripture lead me to a fervent prayer and asking the Lord about each of the 50 people was sincerly looking for the truth. It is truely increadable how our heavenly Father answers our prayers. Each name that we needed to visit, i felt such a strong impression in my heart. 
Yes took a lot of patience and focus, but I know that the Lord was there with me, letting me know which of his children is looking for the Restored gospel. 

Anyways, this week our zone sang christmas carols in an elderly home! What a sweet experience watching these olddies light up and clap along to our music!

So this sunday we had the greatest kids come to church! Ingrid (13 yrs) and her brother Ian (8 years). Their mom doesn´t believe in God because of an experience that she had with her first born son die at 10 years old. She didn´t come to church with Ingrid and Ian, but we are working with her to see the light of the gospel. I know that the restored gospel is what she needs to heal from the loss of her son.

CHRISTMAS is so soon! Crazy that it doesn´t even feel like christmas because it is so hot and there is no snow! But loving every minute of this brazilian christmas cheer!

I love my Savior. I as so greatful for love that he has for each and everyone of us! He lives and is watching over all of us. 
Can´t wait to hear about what you all do for christmas! love you all!!

Sister Hannah

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 12, 2016

Hey Fam!

First off I wanted to say how cool this "Seja Luz do Mundo" program is! 25 days of sharing the light of christ! What an inpired idea from our heavenly father! Live up these days, and make it a goal to even apply this program for the rest of the year! There are so many people who are lost, need a friend, and the light of Christ. Make the difference in someones ele´s life! Be the change that they are so despirately looking for!

This week was a bit wack. Sister Campos got bit by a spider (in the pic that is her foot) and it turned into a very serious situation. she was told that she couldn´t walk for three days! So that I didn´t have to stay home all this time with her, we got help from members and so I got to work!!

Highlight of this week was that we met triplets! 14 years old and idential. Best part is they have a cousin who lives with them from São paulo who went to church a bunch there! And another cousin that is a member who served a mission in Natal. This family had no idea that there was a church here and they are thrilled this sunday to be there! wooohooo! miracles.

Sunday we had a broadcast from the First presidency will all of Brazil. Elder Holland of course spoke and gave an amazing talk about living in the moment. We don´t know what will happen tomorrow, but we know what we need to do today. He clearly stated to stop complaing and stop staying that you aren´t capable or good enough. Rely on the savior and USE his atoning sacrifice. Through the power of christ we are capable of doing anything. I loved espcially how Elder Holland bore his testimony in Portuguese at the end. It was so powerful and truly made every brailizan feel speical and important. How unbelievable is it that we were chosen to live in the most important epic when we have a prophet and 12 apostles on the earth. They truly are men of god chosen to lead us back to his presence.
Another member of the 70 spoke alot about how one of the most important words is Remember. Remember who we are. Remmeber what we stand for. Remember our spiritual experiences. Remember our covenents. Remember what we have been preordained to do. Remmeber that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father who is always attent to our every need. Remember that this is the time to prepare to return to his presence.

I honestly love my mission. I love my savior and that I have the privlage to represent him. I am greatful to see lives change, and seeing hearts move. There truly is no greater joy than knowing our savior, and helping others come unto him and coming to the overwhelming love that we feel from him. And helping others understand the infinate sacrifice that he faced for each of us individually. He knows us, and he is the only one that can help us change for the better. He lives!


Sister Hannah 

December 5, 2016

Hey Fam!

This week was increadible. Sister Campos and I are literally working até o pó (until we are dust) and we are seeing the fruits of our labors. Highlights

-Francisco and his wife Ligi are the cuestest 85 year old couple. I was so distracted in the lesson because I couldn´t stop imagining them as the most adorable temple workers all in white. Normally oldies like them have a hard time understanding, but they have the minds of 30 year olds! lots of questions, and a huge interest in the book of mormon. Something that really stuck out to me was that Francisio said that it caught his atention how we can say "I KNOW that this is the true church". He said that we say it with such certainty. He said "i can´t even say that about my church...." We taught the importance of the holy ghost, as it is though him that we reviece personal revelation in our hearts that this is the true church of chirst restored on the earth. We need to continually remember the important role of the holy ghost in our lives. It is though him that we comet to the knowlege and certainty of the truthfullness of the restoed gospel. Remember the spirutal experiences in our lives and remember they are experiences with feelings that we cannot deny.

-I got FREIDDD this week. But only on one arm....looks like walking with an umbrella, sunglasses and sunblock doesn´t beat this brazilian sun

-Yestday in church a 9 year old boy bore his testimony. I really loved how he said "I know that this is the true church, and I will always stay active and firm". Like this 9 year old boy, each of us needs to make that decision TODAY. So that when the winds and storms hit (trails, difficulties) we will always remember our promise to the lord. To always stay firm no matter what.

-I love love the book of mormon. Each day I come to a better understanding that how it changes lives. I was reading a conference talk called "look to the book, look to the lord" and there was a promise of reading the book of mormon that stuck out to me. if you read and study the book of mormon EACH day you, it will prepare you for a future you scarcely have the ability to comprehend.
Wow. Now that is a strong motivation and promise of the Book of Mormon.

-Family it is so hard to describe how increadibly blessed I feel to be a represenative of Christ. Just saying that gives me the chills. I do the things that christ would be doing if he were here walking upon the earth. I pray each and everyday that I can improve to be someone that He can trust. What a blessing to do His work here in the land that I love.
I know will all my heart that Christ lives! He loves each and everyone of us, and more than anything he wants to HELP us. Open your heart, get ride of pride, become humble, and let him into your life. I promise that life is happier, brighter, more fufilling, and easier which christ at our side. He is who gives us strength and forces in every trial. Trust in Him, and do as He asks.

Love you all! Remember to always STUDY the book of mormon. Come to know the mysteries of God, and your mind will be enlightened.

Sister Hannah

November 28, 2016

Hey Fam!! So great to hear that thanksgiving went well! Missed you all!

 Here are some snippits of our week:

Met an investigator named Viviani who shared a tender experience with us. She said that when she was pregntant the doctor told her that her baby was going to be born with either with a disorder or heart problems. She said that she prayed each day that her baby would be born perfect. But one day she had a dream that told her that she was praying wrongfully and that she needed to be praying to be capable and prepared to raise a children, no matter the circumstance. She learned to trust in the lord and have comfort that Gods plan is for our benefit and learning. 

Love a scripure moroni 8:16 it talks about how a perfect love for heavenly father casthen out all fear. Wow. At times I have fear or am nervous, but I learned that this means that I need to have more love for my Father in Heaven. Learn to love him in a way that I understand that he has a perfect plan for me! 

Aurtor and Tiago went to church again! Aurtor is a great example for his family, always wanting to pray and read the book of mormon. What a strenth that 9 year old has.

Sunday there was a talk about tithing and I really liked this statement:The people who have faith in the promised of the Lord, don´t have the means to NOT pay tithing.

This week I really have been working on looking at people through spiritual eyes. We have been teaching there 17 year old girls who have lots of piercings, tatoos and from their appearence you never would think that they would be interesed in our message. But to our suprise they said that they both got goosebums when we taught the restoration, and they agreed to be baptized! 

I know that each and everyone of us is a child of god. We need to see others as our brothers and sisters. Everyone needs a friend, everyone needs CHRIST and everyone needs the restored gospel. See others as God does, and don´t judge others by apearence! We all need to improve! 

This week I really learned that effective prayer takes effort. Really pour out your heart to him. Tell him your fears, worries, experiences, hardships, weaknesses. he already promises that he will answer. We just need to simple ask.

Sister Hannah

pics: thanks for the little kid clothes! he loved them!
jefferson and his family are moving to porto alegre....but the missionaries there will come visit them!

November 21, 2016

Hey Family!

 I can´t believe that Thankgiving has snuck up this week and that Christmas bells are just around the corner! Man does time pass fast!

So first things first,  I just have to get my "thanks" out. I am so extremly greatful for my loving, huge, loud, increadible and inspiring family. From my grandparents, to parents, to cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, nephews, nieces, brother/sister inlaws...the list could go on and on. But each and everyone of you truely have a special place in my heart. I have come to realize how truly important famly is here on the mission. At times I took my family for granted, but here in Brazil I have realized that i am imensly blessed. Thank you all the experiences and never-forgetting memories . Thank you for your love, support, and letters! I couldn´t be more happy to call you all my family! I know that our family can be eternal, and that we can be with one enother forever. What joy!

During this thankgiving season it is so wonderful to take a minute to reflect on our lives. And to really realize how good the Lord has been to us! 

Anyway, a highlight of this week was the family of Vive and Tiago! This past Sunday was their second time coing to church and their son Aurtor (10 years old) even participated in the annual primary program (singing louder than any other kid in the group). Aurtor kept begging us for a book of mormon and he is already reading!

 Our little branch is growing! The primary president said that they started off the year with only 2 kids. And now there are like 15! The spirit that little kids bring is so tender, and there is so way to describe. I am greatful for children and their great angelic influence in our lives!

We are getting Clayton some church friends to help him get over his alcohol addiction!

A miracle that happned this week is that the family who has a brother who is a bishop in another city finally is opening up for us to start visiting them again! They closed us off for a bit, but now that their mother passed away, they are realizing the importace of the Great Plan of Salvation. We had a family night with them and 5 members came along to help! Turned out great! We had mac n cheese, pinaple cake, m&ms, and japaneese soup.

Something that I have been thinking alot about recently is How/What God thinks about me. I want to be a daughter that he is proud of. A daughter that he trusts to be an instrument in His hands. A daughter who makes a difference among his children. I want him to know that I love him and that I am devoted to do his work.
I want him to know how greatful I am for his Love, and for the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ. 
How do you want God to see you? What can you change so that God sees you as someone he can rely on?

I know that our Heavenly father only wants the best for us. I know that as imperfect as I am, I can be 1 with the Savior as he is 1 with Heavenly father. I know that through repentance, anyone can change, anyone can have a new start. I know that no habbit, addiction, crime or "bad person" is exempted from change and forgiveness. 

I know that we need to loose ourselves, and find our true selves through the dicine direction and love of Christ. Let him be your light!

Love you all!

Have an amazing week!!