Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 5, 2016

Hey Fam!

This week was increadible. Sister Campos and I are literally working até o pó (until we are dust) and we are seeing the fruits of our labors. Highlights

-Francisco and his wife Ligi are the cuestest 85 year old couple. I was so distracted in the lesson because I couldn´t stop imagining them as the most adorable temple workers all in white. Normally oldies like them have a hard time understanding, but they have the minds of 30 year olds! lots of questions, and a huge interest in the book of mormon. Something that really stuck out to me was that Francisio said that it caught his atention how we can say "I KNOW that this is the true church". He said that we say it with such certainty. He said "i can´t even say that about my church...." We taught the importance of the holy ghost, as it is though him that we reviece personal revelation in our hearts that this is the true church of chirst restored on the earth. We need to continually remember the important role of the holy ghost in our lives. It is though him that we comet to the knowlege and certainty of the truthfullness of the restoed gospel. Remember the spirutal experiences in our lives and remember they are experiences with feelings that we cannot deny.

-I got FREIDDD this week. But only on one arm....looks like walking with an umbrella, sunglasses and sunblock doesn´t beat this brazilian sun

-Yestday in church a 9 year old boy bore his testimony. I really loved how he said "I know that this is the true church, and I will always stay active and firm". Like this 9 year old boy, each of us needs to make that decision TODAY. So that when the winds and storms hit (trails, difficulties) we will always remember our promise to the lord. To always stay firm no matter what.

-I love love the book of mormon. Each day I come to a better understanding that how it changes lives. I was reading a conference talk called "look to the book, look to the lord" and there was a promise of reading the book of mormon that stuck out to me. if you read and study the book of mormon EACH day you, it will prepare you for a future you scarcely have the ability to comprehend.
Wow. Now that is a strong motivation and promise of the Book of Mormon.

-Family it is so hard to describe how increadibly blessed I feel to be a represenative of Christ. Just saying that gives me the chills. I do the things that christ would be doing if he were here walking upon the earth. I pray each and everyday that I can improve to be someone that He can trust. What a blessing to do His work here in the land that I love.
I know will all my heart that Christ lives! He loves each and everyone of us, and more than anything he wants to HELP us. Open your heart, get ride of pride, become humble, and let him into your life. I promise that life is happier, brighter, more fufilling, and easier which christ at our side. He is who gives us strength and forces in every trial. Trust in Him, and do as He asks.

Love you all! Remember to always STUDY the book of mormon. Come to know the mysteries of God, and your mind will be enlightened.

Sister Hannah

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