Tuesday, December 13, 2016

November 21, 2016

Hey Family!

 I can´t believe that Thankgiving has snuck up this week and that Christmas bells are just around the corner! Man does time pass fast!

So first things first,  I just have to get my "thanks" out. I am so extremly greatful for my loving, huge, loud, increadible and inspiring family. From my grandparents, to parents, to cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, nephews, nieces, brother/sister inlaws...the list could go on and on. But each and everyone of you truely have a special place in my heart. I have come to realize how truly important famly is here on the mission. At times I took my family for granted, but here in Brazil I have realized that i am imensly blessed. Thank you all the experiences and never-forgetting memories . Thank you for your love, support, and letters! I couldn´t be more happy to call you all my family! I know that our family can be eternal, and that we can be with one enother forever. What joy!

During this thankgiving season it is so wonderful to take a minute to reflect on our lives. And to really realize how good the Lord has been to us! 

Anyway, a highlight of this week was the family of Vive and Tiago! This past Sunday was their second time coing to church and their son Aurtor (10 years old) even participated in the annual primary program (singing louder than any other kid in the group). Aurtor kept begging us for a book of mormon and he is already reading!

 Our little branch is growing! The primary president said that they started off the year with only 2 kids. And now there are like 15! The spirit that little kids bring is so tender, and there is so way to describe. I am greatful for children and their great angelic influence in our lives!

We are getting Clayton some church friends to help him get over his alcohol addiction!

A miracle that happned this week is that the family who has a brother who is a bishop in another city finally is opening up for us to start visiting them again! They closed us off for a bit, but now that their mother passed away, they are realizing the importace of the Great Plan of Salvation. We had a family night with them and 5 members came along to help! Turned out great! We had mac n cheese, pinaple cake, m&ms, and japaneese soup.

Something that I have been thinking alot about recently is How/What God thinks about me. I want to be a daughter that he is proud of. A daughter that he trusts to be an instrument in His hands. A daughter who makes a difference among his children. I want him to know that I love him and that I am devoted to do his work.
I want him to know how greatful I am for his Love, and for the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ. 
How do you want God to see you? What can you change so that God sees you as someone he can rely on?

I know that our Heavenly father only wants the best for us. I know that as imperfect as I am, I can be 1 with the Savior as he is 1 with Heavenly father. I know that through repentance, anyone can change, anyone can have a new start. I know that no habbit, addiction, crime or "bad person" is exempted from change and forgiveness. 

I know that we need to loose ourselves, and find our true selves through the dicine direction and love of Christ. Let him be your light!

Love you all!

Have an amazing week!! 

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