Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 12, 2016

Hey Fam!

First off I wanted to say how cool this "Seja Luz do Mundo" program is! 25 days of sharing the light of christ! What an inpired idea from our heavenly father! Live up these days, and make it a goal to even apply this program for the rest of the year! There are so many people who are lost, need a friend, and the light of Christ. Make the difference in someones ele´s life! Be the change that they are so despirately looking for!

This week was a bit wack. Sister Campos got bit by a spider (in the pic that is her foot) and it turned into a very serious situation. she was told that she couldn´t walk for three days! So that I didn´t have to stay home all this time with her, we got help from members and so I got to work!!

Highlight of this week was that we met triplets! 14 years old and idential. Best part is they have a cousin who lives with them from São paulo who went to church a bunch there! And another cousin that is a member who served a mission in Natal. This family had no idea that there was a church here and they are thrilled this sunday to be there! wooohooo! miracles.

Sunday we had a broadcast from the First presidency will all of Brazil. Elder Holland of course spoke and gave an amazing talk about living in the moment. We don´t know what will happen tomorrow, but we know what we need to do today. He clearly stated to stop complaing and stop staying that you aren´t capable or good enough. Rely on the savior and USE his atoning sacrifice. Through the power of christ we are capable of doing anything. I loved espcially how Elder Holland bore his testimony in Portuguese at the end. It was so powerful and truly made every brailizan feel speical and important. How unbelievable is it that we were chosen to live in the most important epic when we have a prophet and 12 apostles on the earth. They truly are men of god chosen to lead us back to his presence.
Another member of the 70 spoke alot about how one of the most important words is Remember. Remember who we are. Remmeber what we stand for. Remember our spiritual experiences. Remember our covenents. Remember what we have been preordained to do. Remmeber that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father who is always attent to our every need. Remember that this is the time to prepare to return to his presence.

I honestly love my mission. I love my savior and that I have the privlage to represent him. I am greatful to see lives change, and seeing hearts move. There truly is no greater joy than knowing our savior, and helping others come unto him and coming to the overwhelming love that we feel from him. And helping others understand the infinate sacrifice that he faced for each of us individually. He knows us, and he is the only one that can help us change for the better. He lives!


Sister Hannah 

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