Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 19, 2016

Hey Family!!

This week was crazy week. First off, Sister Campos´ foot got worse and when she called Presdient, he thought it best if she returned home from her short term mission. She was distraught and was very sad because she is an increadible missionary who works increadibly hard and is always happy. Ayways, we had an emergency transfer and looks like I am training again...! Her name is sister Fogo and she only had 2 weeks in the mission field. She is great. She is also doing a short term mission but she will stay for 6 months! 

But the whole emergency transfer thing was very rough especially because SIster Campos and I were visiting 50 different people and when she suddenly left it was all up to me to help these people (because sister Fogo didnpt yet know them). 
I had such a spiritual experience one morning during my personal study. I was thinking about all these people, and opened the Bibile to Proverbs 16:20 that says, "He that handeleth a matter wisely shall find good. And whoso trusteth in the lord, happy is he". This scripture lead me to a fervent prayer and asking the Lord about each of the 50 people was sincerly looking for the truth. It is truely increadable how our heavenly Father answers our prayers. Each name that we needed to visit, i felt such a strong impression in my heart. 
Yes took a lot of patience and focus, but I know that the Lord was there with me, letting me know which of his children is looking for the Restored gospel. 

Anyways, this week our zone sang christmas carols in an elderly home! What a sweet experience watching these olddies light up and clap along to our music!

So this sunday we had the greatest kids come to church! Ingrid (13 yrs) and her brother Ian (8 years). Their mom doesn´t believe in God because of an experience that she had with her first born son die at 10 years old. She didn´t come to church with Ingrid and Ian, but we are working with her to see the light of the gospel. I know that the restored gospel is what she needs to heal from the loss of her son.

CHRISTMAS is so soon! Crazy that it doesn´t even feel like christmas because it is so hot and there is no snow! But loving every minute of this brazilian christmas cheer!

I love my Savior. I as so greatful for love that he has for each and everyone of us! He lives and is watching over all of us. 
Can´t wait to hear about what you all do for christmas! love you all!!

Sister Hannah

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