Tuesday, December 13, 2016

November 28, 2016

Hey Fam!! So great to hear that thanksgiving went well! Missed you all!

 Here are some snippits of our week:

Met an investigator named Viviani who shared a tender experience with us. She said that when she was pregntant the doctor told her that her baby was going to be born with either with a disorder or heart problems. She said that she prayed each day that her baby would be born perfect. But one day she had a dream that told her that she was praying wrongfully and that she needed to be praying to be capable and prepared to raise a children, no matter the circumstance. She learned to trust in the lord and have comfort that Gods plan is for our benefit and learning. 

Love a scripure moroni 8:16 it talks about how a perfect love for heavenly father casthen out all fear. Wow. At times I have fear or am nervous, but I learned that this means that I need to have more love for my Father in Heaven. Learn to love him in a way that I understand that he has a perfect plan for me! 

Aurtor and Tiago went to church again! Aurtor is a great example for his family, always wanting to pray and read the book of mormon. What a strenth that 9 year old has.

Sunday there was a talk about tithing and I really liked this statement:The people who have faith in the promised of the Lord, don´t have the means to NOT pay tithing.

This week I really have been working on looking at people through spiritual eyes. We have been teaching there 17 year old girls who have lots of piercings, tatoos and from their appearence you never would think that they would be interesed in our message. But to our suprise they said that they both got goosebums when we taught the restoration, and they agreed to be baptized! 

I know that each and everyone of us is a child of god. We need to see others as our brothers and sisters. Everyone needs a friend, everyone needs CHRIST and everyone needs the restored gospel. See others as God does, and don´t judge others by apearence! We all need to improve! 

This week I really learned that effective prayer takes effort. Really pour out your heart to him. Tell him your fears, worries, experiences, hardships, weaknesses. he already promises that he will answer. We just need to simple ask.

Sister Hannah

pics: thanks for the little kid clothes! he loved them!
jefferson and his family are moving to porto alegre....but the missionaries there will come visit them!

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