Monday, April 17, 2017

April 3, 2017

Querida Famìlia,

Conference Weekend was just increadible, wasn´t it! Truly helps us awaken to a new spiritual freshness. It always makes the biggest difference when we prepare to listen to the words of Christ´s chosen leaders. There was so much that stood out to me, especially things that I need to change and do better! If we want to be called Christ´s disciples, we need to be worthy of this sacred title. 

I love that conference makes us reflect on who we are now, and who we want to become. Like Elder Eyring said, "Those who do not see their weaknessess, do not progress". But it´s we don´t apply what we learned today, we will never change. Without action, whatever "potential" that exists with not have the power to begin.

There was so much said about study of the scriptures. It is always said, but do we always do it with a full heart: The book of mormon is our armor, and the fount of spiritual growth, knowlege, and support. 

"The call for courage" is all around us, and more than ever we need to strengthen ourselves and others to be ready for the second coming. It is so true that if we are scared for the 2nd coming, there´s some repenting that needs to be done-means that we are not ready. 

Delisia, a member reference, watched conference Satuday and said she just adored it. She suffered the death of her husband a year ago, and has been prepared to accept the gospel. Imagining her all in white, ready to enter into the temple in a bit more than a year! 

Sister A. Santos returned home, and today I will revieve a new sister leader: Sister Sá! I hear she is increadible. Exciteddddd! 

The time is passing so fast, and I am racing against it using every drop of energy i got. It´s not everyday that I will have the opportunity to serve 24 hours a day. I know that my Redeemer lives. He knows each and everyone of us, and invites us to know him. I am so happy to have this knowlege. And to know that no matter how many times I fail, through Christ there is always another chance to change and be better.

Amo minha famìlia! 

Sister Hannah

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