Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 20, 2017

Hey Family!

During the week so many amazing things happen, and I always have the biggest urge to share everything first with my family. I make sure to write alot of things down because I want all of you to have a part in my increadbile journey as Christ´s represenative. I love being around so many great families, but I can´t help but miss my own...know that I love you all with all my heart. I think and and pray for you always!

Anways, the highlight of this week was the visit from Elder Todd Christofferson! What a privlage to have an apostle of the Lord here in my mission! Our whole mission, Brasil Porto Alegre Norte, was also joined with the mission Brasil Porto Alegre Sul, and it seems like there was millions of missionaries. It was such a powerful, and testimony building experience for me. Everyone left the meeting saying, "that is exactly what I needed to hear". I know that God calls his servents to guide and help us return to his presence.

Here are some highlights: 

-First of all the reunion was started by singing "Povos da Terra, Vinde Escutai". (Don´t remember the name in english...) but it made me feel so greatful to be apart of the grown of the restored gospel here in Brazil. It is so special as a missionary to offer the celestial kingdom to God´s children. I thought alot about how this missioary work is so sacred. He God trusts US to work in the sacred things of His kingdom. 

-Learn to do hard things. Look to build and strengthen your testimony. Become BETTER than yesterday. Don´t let the time pass by. Work harder than ever. Do all you can.

-Dilligence= the ability to keep going. Because of the savior, we can go throughout life failing, and failing WITHOUT losing entusiasm. As a missionary we are rejected everyday, people who slam the doors in our face. But, we keep going with excitement and hope! The savior makes this possible.

-Heavenly Father will give you what you are prepared to recieve

-To know the Lords will, you need to be prepared to do it. "Thy will will be done" needs to be written in your heart. 

Don´t have time to write the lets just say that this was part 1 of what Elder Christofferson had to say. Part 2 next week...haha

Loving life. I can´t say it enough. Christ lives. He sees you. He loves you. And is greatful for your efforts! Make him proud!

Sister Hannah

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