Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017-

Hey Family!

This week was the last weeks of Sister Soares mission, so we got to visit the Porto Alegre favorite place. (especially when we get to drink chimarrĂ£o in the gorgeous jardin)

And yes it was my birthday week. The Campo Bom branch planned a suprise birthday party for me with cake, balloons, pizza, and other goodies! Such a special day, and I am so greatful for all the people who made my 20th so markable. It was even greater to see some of our investigators there as well!

Also my 1 year mark...but anyways,

This week was the last week of Sister Soares on the mission, and the members all had a get to week to give thanks for her service. There were some things said that truely touched my heart. 
Jackson who is a recent convert of 2 years who married a member (he was a testimony of jehova) said, "I never served a mission, so I don´t know a lot about what the missionaries go though, but I image that it is not easy and that you have a lot of trials. But coming from a recent convert, let me tell you that what you are passing through is all worth it. My life is forever blessed and changed because of the missionaries. I could not thank you enough."
Adriana (who will be baptized with her husband after the civil wedding on March 10th) said, "My greatest dream is that my two daughters serve missions, and become like you both. Just as I know that this is the  true restored gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth, I know that you restored my family. My family has changed immensly and I am eternally greatful." 

I have come to realize that a single choice can change everything. And my choice to serve a mission has forever changed my life. I LOVE being a missionary and it is my greatest honnor to represent my Savior and Redeemer. Honestly this has been the hardest, but most increadible experience that I have ever had. It is hard to describe in words how I feel, and how greatful I am to be here in Brazil. Helping Gods children come unto Christ, and understand the sacrifice that the Savior made has made such a influence in my life. It is a tender opportunity to help people learn of the perfect plan of our Heavenly Father and feel his sincere love. I know that Christ lives, and his restored earth is on the earth today. I am a living witness of this! 

if you are trying to decide to serve a mission. Serve. Don´t let this blessing and opportunity pass. You will not regret it, i promise.

com amor,

Sister Hannah

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