Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

FINALLY after 11 weeks of teaching Julio, he was baptized!! He has such a strong testimony of the gospel, and has always known that he needed to be baptized, but he was just so scared to confirm a date. So....on Saturday we suprised Julio with an enterview from President Campos (president of my mission) and oh was that 100% necessary. President Compos helped Julio to gain more courage and confidence that baptism would only be the frist step to a new life! 

So Sunday we planned to have the baptism right after church. But when julio arrived at church he said that he chickened out and wouldn´t be baptized. We literally had the baptisimal font hot and brought peanut butter, jely and nutella sandwhiches and everything. We were SO planned and pumped for this baptism. But heck no did I take no for an answer. After 11 weeks I almost shoved him into the baptisimal font myself. He has really taught me a lot of patience over these 11 weeks, but this day I almost BURST! 

So after church he returned to his house, and my companion and I made a plan B at 5 pm we returned to his house with a married couple and let them do the convincing this time. They helped him gain the final bit of confidence to commit to being baptized. SO we returned to the church and it was such a miracle that there was a baptismal service going on for another ramo. So we added julio to the batch being baptized and bahh it was amazing. He was so nervous that after the baptismal prayer he basically jumped back and baptized himself haha! But it was definantly a moment that I will never ever forget. And after the baptism he bore his testimony that he is so excited to start this new journey, and really help the church grow! 

New mission rules: always need to have a book of mormon in our hands at all time (on the street and everything)
my mission plaque needs to be on the left side over my heart, to always have our missionary purpose in our heart. 

Our mission is on FIRE with baptisms! Let it rolllllllll! And great news my companion and I will stay together for another transfer! Freezing my buns off and loving every minute of it! Have an amazing week y├íll!! 

Sister Hannah

Julio is baptized. 

we visited Nova Portapolas with Elder and Sister copa and other sisters to see where the Germans began here in Rio Grande do Sol
Julio is baptized

                       chocolate and letters that julio gave us for "helping his life change"
                                                My sister training leader Bento Gonzales

                                                          Mission President and his Wife

                                                      Our beautful chapel In gramado!

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