Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 21, 2016

Hey FAM!

Well this week was just amazing and Afonso was baptized!! He is 17
years old and has a sister who is 8 years old.

This is the story how we met Afonso. Three weeks ago my companion and I were walking down the street and this little girl came up to us and said "hey I know you guys, you are missionaries!" We were so suprised that this little girl knew where we were, but we started to talk to her, and found out that
her mom was baptized a long time ago, but only went to church a few
times after she was baptized.

Anyway, she gave us her address, and headed to her house to meet her brother Afonso. He is probably the most calm person I have ever met, in a hilarious way. He has such a desire to read the book of mormon, and he alone desided that he will read 1 page a day without fault. (ontop of the assigned readings that we give him!)

We hope that when he recieves the priestood next week that he will
baptize his sister Lusa! It will be really special for the both  of
them. Their mom who is a less active isnt very fond of us, but at the
same time doesnt have an issue with us teaching and baptizing her
children, so all is good!

I love this missionary work with all my heart! I feel so blessed to
have this opportunity to be an instrument in the lords hand, to help
people come unto Christ. This life is so hard, full of trials, difficult experiences, but with the gospel in our life, anything is possible!

Everyone needs the truth, and light of Christ to get through this life with true happiness. I know that this time is so precious, and I only have a short year and a half to do all that the Lord  expects of me! Hitting the pillow each night with no regrets, and working through the cold, blisters, and all! Could not be more happy!!

Happy Fathers day to my amazing Dad!! Thank you for being such an
amazing example to me, someone who truly strives to help those in
need. I feel so blessed to have you as my Dad, to lead, guide, and
inspire me!

This week happy birthday to THOMAS, MATT, and HANNAH! love you all!

Sister Hannah

Ether 3-4

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