Sunday, February 21, 2016

Feb 17, 2016- Hannah Arrives in Brazil!

Hey Fam!

All is well here in the Brazil ctm, we arrived about 2 hours ago! The 9 hour plane ride was awesome because #1 i love airplane food, and #2  because I slept like a baby. My boarding pass said I was in a middle seat but there was no way I was going to be able to sleep a wink like that, soooo i used my charm, innocent and red locks to convince the flight attendant to scoot me over to the window. \(worked like a charm). 
I am really glad that I flew out of SLC instead of JFK because I got to meet a bunch of awesome missionaries going all over (Africa, chile, peru). 
On the flight to Brazil there were about 12 elders and 2 other sisters. 1 elder going to my mission! I

My assigned companion is supposivly from South Africa so that's super cool but she hasn't arrived yet here to the ctm.

So apparently we aren't allowed to send pictures???? The mission President and his wife aren't sure why, but they are going to try to change that. 

My mission President said that you guys are able to send emails to Mr. Chini's cookies (former missionary and now a cookie guy) across the street from the ctm. They will print out your emails and bring them over here which is nice!

I love you all so so much!! I feel your love and prayers. Thank you all for seeing me off, and just know that I am doing GREAT. Tell the kiddies I LOVE them and I hope that I am being an example to them. Life is good, the Lord is great, the gospel is amazing, and I can't wait for tomorrow. It feels so crazy, weird, amazing, strange, and too good to be true to be wearing a name tag right now. I'll email you all on my next P-day.

Com Amor,

Sister Hannah

P.S. Paulinho was at the airport which was very nice of time. it was great to see a familiar face. He gave me a guadana and pao de quijos so I obviously adore him for that. Hope he sent you a selfi of us!

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