Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016

Wow, I totally feel so embarassed that I didn't even realize that today is the FOURTH OF JULY! But it ended up working out great, because we just finished up another p-day at elder and sister copas house. With quesadillas, brownies, ice cream, broccoli, and jello salad. The most american food that i'll ever get here, that's for sure!

So this week was definantly a growing experience, in so many ways. #1 in speaking/understanding potuguese. Because this week I could not loose focus on the investigators, or else I wouldn't understand what they were saying. I always just depended that sister rodriguez would understand everything, but with sister snyder, it was all up to ME understand what everyone is saying, So this week I was able to pick up the pace more, and really focus on understanding and speaking better.

My companion Sister Snyder is so sweet! This first week adapting to missionary life has definantly been quite a shock for her, but as it is for all new missionaries. But she has been just a trooper, and I have epecially tried to compliment her alot, to increase her confidence. Becuase if you have fear as a missionary, you will miss so many valuable experiences. I know that so many people need to hear our message, but if we don't open our mouth, they never will hear about it. She has been getting a lot better, and she is really growing more courage.

This week was also very difficult, because we are in a new area that we need a bus every. single. day. And the area is like 30 minutes away by bus (or more depending on the number of stops). So we get to our area late, and we have to leave early in order to get home in time. But it has been a great experience for us to really learn to plan well. We have every moment planned, so that we never waste a minute. This past week we met 30 new investigators, which is great, and I can't wait to get back and visit them.

It has been a great blessing to be with another american, becauseeeeeee because ALWAYS accept to her our message! They are so curious to know what the heck 2 foreiners are doing walking around with a book in their hands. We get so many hilarious questions, these brazilians crack me up!

So I love you all! Read moroni 7!

And a spiritual though of this week is that I learned is: we should be happy with our trials, because that means that God knows we are ready to grow a little more.

I love you all, I hope your week is great, and full with memories!

Sister Hannah

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