Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

Hello Family!

This week was full of so many diferent experiences, lessons, and places! First off, last week on our P-day we went to a Museum of Life size famous people (for example, justin bebeier, madona, John Travolta, Michael Jackson, elvis, Obama, PIrates in the Carabian, Batman, etc.) Totaly took me back to America, I loved it! Gramado serisouly has so many cool places! We also went to Chocolate World. They had statues and sculptures completely made of CHOCOLATE. And at the end they gave us a cup of pure chocolate to drink...hmmm my favorite.

Anyways, a little bit about our investigators: We teach a 13 year old named Larissa, a 17 year old named Isadora who has a 3 year old son, a 70 year old grandma with 8 children, and many many more people who are together, but not married (which is a huge struggle here).

-Portuguese is coming along, more each and every day!

This week I thought about about, "What can I change in m life to be happier?" I actually wrote out things in my life that make me unhappy, and decided to change those things one and forall. And wow, did it make a differenence this week! I really felt as though I was a better person, and happier because of it!

Fun fact, I got 37 bug bites on my legs (all in 1 day)

This week when we were eating lunch at a members house, she broke down and started crying because she barely had enough Money to make us lunch, and she has 3 children to support. Hearing this broke my heart. But this Member, Jarjim, really is inspirational. Although she has hardely nothing, she Always remmembers the blessings in her life from the lord. She told us how greatful she is for us, because "missionaries are like angels". I know that this work isn´t easy, but it is totally Worth it.

-Something that totally changed my week around for the better, is when I stopped worrying about myself, and instead focused my thoughts on others. There are so many people here who have many trials, and difficulties, and I worry so much about them. I am learning to love other people, because we are all children of God.
A scripture that gave me strength this week was alma 26:12. I know that which the strength of the Lord, I can do anything! I am learning each and everyday to love this missionary work. I love my savior, and I trust in him more than ever here. I know he has a plan for me, and although these experiences are hard, I am learning and growing imensely. This week went by so fast!! Crazy how time flies.


SIster Hannah

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