Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016-

I hit two months on the mission!! 

Where to start about this are some snippits:

Favorite food this week: Sister Copa) made us chocolate chip cookie sandwhiches with peanut butter and Nutella...HEAVEN

Worst food this week: MAIONESE. serisouly these brazilians go nuts over it. This week I was fortunate enough to eat it for every meal! (horrary.) I love eating pure mayoneese with a few pieces of potatoes here and there.

Weather: Oh how does it RAIN here. Rain cats and dogs. Yesterday my companion insisted that we didn't need an umbrella. Horrible idea. We got caught in a legit hurricane. Water was flooding down the streets and I had to fight back to keep my shoes on or else they would flow down the mountain. Sopping wet and freezing. But, I sang the whole time, and chantted the missionary purpose haha! Actually a great memory!

Investigators: We met 2 really really cool people from Brasilia! (shout out to seth) They are loving our messages, and I can´t wait to teach them about the happiness the gospel brings!

Julio-hopefully will be baptized on Thursday! Strangely enough he reminds me of little Elijah Cole...he has lots of energy and is always so happy and excited! 
Luemi and Fabiano- Working on getting them married!!

Dilva- Still not baptismal date, she is scared to death of her cathoilic daughter. 

Why I am glad that I chose to serve a mission:

I have truley come to recognize my blessings while here in brazil. Blessings that in the past I took for granted. #1 MY FAMILY. You guys are my support, my joy, my strength, my everything! I honestly don't know what I would do without you guys. I constantly think about how extremely blessed I am to have each and everyone of you. #2 oh how blessed I am to live in America. Life here for Brazilians is so different, and very very diffulcult. My heart aces when they tell me their stories. #3 I have come to recognize the love my savior has for me. He will with me always, and he is cheering me on! He gives me strength to press on, and without him I know I am nothing. Because of Him and Jesus Christ I am happy!! I dont need to suffer, but find joy!

Remember that it is the simple things in life that will bring us the most happiness. Reading the scriptures, praying, attending church, remembering our blessings, and stiving to be more like Christ! Everyone can improve and be better. Make each day better than the last! 


Sister Hannah

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