Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016-

Sooooo sadly we didn't have a baptism with Julio this week :( He already has had his baptismal interview and is completely ready, but he has fear to mark a date. We have praying and hoping for this Saturday!!

Awesome news, this Sunday My companion and I left our house at 7:30am to round up our investigators for church. Sprinting up and down lombas seriously is a workout. Even though was 30 degrees outside  we were sweating bullets. And yes I'm serious about the cold. The other day it got down to 28 degrees, who would have known that Brazil could be so freezing?!??! And it is very very sad, because many here don't have enough money for coats, or warm clothing. They walk around  freezing to death with a little sweater. 

Anyways, on Sunday we rounded up 6 investigators for church (which doesn't seem like a lot, but is a record for us!) My companion and I took the advice from Seth and Daniel, about teaching people more about the importance of church, and taking action sunday morning to gather these people. And what a success we had! 

The couple from Brasilia (Elaine and AndrĂ©) especially loved church, and strongly felt the spirit there. It was Fast and Testimony meeting, so my companion and I bore our Testimonies. Man is the gift of tounges real. I don't know how, but after sacrament meeting I got so many compliments on my portuguese (when I bore my testimony)! What a blessing that people can actually understand me!! We sent Elanine home with warm sweaters and a coat (clothing that was gathered by the members here). 

Tonight we are going to have a fun time with Elanine and André! Because we are going to bake brownines, cookies, pudding, and deviled eggs with Elder and Sister Copa (elderly couple from Cali), and with Ricardo and Vanessa (young, very skeeky couple).

No more time to write, but I am love love loving my mission! Each and everyday I learn more about how to have more charity, patience, love, better understanding of others, compashion, etc. I have such a strong desire to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, because I know that I changes lives. The people here struggle with money, jobs, the cold etc., and I know that this message changes lives, and will help them throughout these diffuculties.

Love you all, and I hope your week is amazing! 

Sister Hannah

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