Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016- Happy Mother's Day!

It was so amazing to have the opportunity to talk with my incredible family face to face!! Oh have a missed all of your all are such examples to me, and give me so much strength. I truely am so fortunate so have my family. My heart just breaks when my companion talks about her family. This Mothers day she got to talk with her dad, and a few siblings. But the only one active in her family is her sister. She instead of spending her 40 minutes of skype to talk to her family about her mission, she spend the time teaching her 19 year old brother (because he doesn~t want to serve a mission, has become inactive since she left for her mission, and has lost his testimony of Jesus Christ).
This truley shows the person that she is, never thinking about herself, but always about how she can help others.
Her mother was no where to be found on mothers day, and my companion feels as though her mother has completely forgotten about her. Never once has her mother written her an email, or made any effort to talk to her. I can~t imagine how it much be like for her. Please pray for her family, to have soften hearts.

But this week was AMAZING! My companion and I worked harder than we ever have, and wow did it pay off! We reached all of our goals, (My companions first time on her mission that she accomplished this, and obviously mine too)! And these goals aren~t easy, definantly a streach to the moon, but we showed that it is indeed possible!

This week we had a quite hilarious experience with one of our investigators Paulo. He was 100% WASTED and falling all over the place. At first we didn~t realize he was drunk, and entered into the gate of his house. But oh we recognized very stortly after his state. He smelled horrible, and was falling over, calling us his lovers. And when we told him that we wouldn~t be teaching him because he was drunk, he guarded the gate and didn~t want us to leave.You´d think that we would be slightely frightened, (being two girls, with a drunk man), but it was hilarious because he couldn~t speak or stand straight. We played around with him (asked him to stand on 1 foot, and touch his nose, walk in a straight line, and had him repeat words after us.) He couldn~t do any of these things....bhahah and it was so funny. Don´t worry mom and dad, we got out safely, he didn´t have any control over his body to stop us from leaving. Definatly a day to remember.

Don~t have much time to write, but this week was amazing because I saw a true change in so many of our investigators! Their faith is growing, their desires to find the truth are growing, and they testimonies of Jesus Christ are blooming. I love the people here, and they are changing my life for the better! I love my mission, I love God and Jesus Christ, I love my companion, this area is amazing, and bahh life is great!

Love you all, and I hope your week is great!!

Sister Hannah

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