Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 18, 2016-8 weeks

little snippits of experiences this week:

What I have learned from my companion:
how to CLEAN. I´m not talking about a little wish-wash, but deep deep deep clean. She made us clean in places that are even difficult for bugs to get too....very difficult to say the least. I serisouly got deathly ill from all the dust. Nose and eyes were running for dayzzz;

Challenging Experience:
The mountains in this area are INSANELY huge. My calfs are about 3 sizes bigger, and waist down you could basically consider me a body builder. My fitbit says that in one day we do about 140 flights of stairs.

Frustrating Experience:
We have an investigator who is 85years old. She has been to church numerous times, and loves our visits. But she will not be baptized!! and the reason is.........she won´t let her NUMEROUS boyfriends go. at 85 years old who would have thought....frisky..yeash.

Funny experience (kinda):
So I have the hardest time remembering not to put the toilet paper in the toilet....so difficult to break the normality of this! We had lunch in a members house who barely had enough money to feed us, and she lives in a little tiny tiny shack. Anyway, I FORGOT to put the toilet paper in the garbage and totally clogged the toilet (with serisouly the tiniest amount of toiletpaper). ahhh I didn~t know that to do. How could I tell this poor lady that I broke her toilet?? well....i....had to stick my bare hands in there and snatch the toiletpaper out. yeeeeeeaSH. Not my prettiest moment.

Anyways, this week I learned to much more about happiness! I came to realize that happiness is a choice. I chose to wake up happy, stay happy during the day, and go to bed happy. And man was my week truely amazing!! Try it!
This week, I invite you to think a little bit more about the importance of God and Jesus christ in your lives. And how we can become closer to them. SIMPLE THINGS!

Love you all! Life is great!!

Sister hannah

(pics from the CTM)

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