Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sept 12, 2016

Hey Family!

So what a complete difference it is here in Nova Petrópolis! 1.) because basically everyone is wealthy. So weird that I have to ring the gate doorbells to even talk to someone. Really makes the work a bit harder, but we aren~t doubting that people are being prepared for the gospel here!

So something truely amazing happend this week, Elder Anderson came to talk to our mission! I am in a zone far away so I wasn't able to meet him in person, but we had a live feed going of his training. He talked alot about having converted baptisms. The only way that people will continue to live the gospel and say active in the church is when they have a solid tesitmony about our Savior Jesus Christ.

Sister Anderson also asked an interesting question. She said "What do you do with the notes that you take? Do you write them in your notebook, and then close it never to be looked at again? Or do you pray about the things you have written, disscuss them, and apply them?" Really is something to think about especially with General Conference coming up! Don't hide your notes away, ACT on them!

I feel so blessed with all the members that we have here. They are so special and so excited to be apart of the lords work.

This past sunday we have our District Conferse with all 5 banches. I could not help but feel so proud of these Brazilian people. Grandpa Gary wrote me last week that when he served his mission, there was only 1 mission, 19 little branches in all of Brazil, and that the south (this area that I am serving) did not exist yet! Although I am serving in a district, I have seen how much strenth that the people here have. I know that this gospel is true, or else it could not spead like it has. I know that God's plan is perfect, and he knows how we can have success. I feel so proud to be a Brazilian, and to represent my family and most importantly my Savior.

Love you All!

Sister Hannah

p.s- funny little thought, a member here told me that she was so suprised that I don't have any freckles on my face! HAHHA I just started laughing and said no, I have 1! The billions of freckles have just muched into one "tan-looking" blob :)

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