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September 5, 2015

Hey fam!

So BIG news Sister Hannah has been transfered big time!! well.....kinda. I have been tranfered within my same zone, actually same district! So I will only be moving about 30 minutes away from Gramado. Still seeing the same missionaries and such that are in our zone. But I am actually super excited because I hear that Nova Petropolis is just amazing! There are few members, but about 20 and they all meet in a school, but it is really growing. Sure the members are few in numbers, but they are strong and so faithful.
The area opened 6 months ago and only started with 4 members. I am really excited to be apart of the up roar and difference there.  My compnion will be Sister Berry! She is from Kaysvill, Utah (shout out to the hill family) and she just finished being trained. Nova Petroplolis is her first area, so she knows it very well! She is also increadible, so humble, kind, funny, such a hard worker and so devoted to the Lord work.

Other hilights of the week:

Ate a churro filled with chocolate....glorious

We had a going away (zone party) for elder and sister copa. They left for the U.S today! Sister copas favoite lines are : 1.) what is your problem 2.) get educated 3.) always have a rainbow on your plate 4.) when you make a promise, keep it. Commitment people.
She is hilarious, she hilighted this things once again when she bore her testimony on Sunday

Emilia bore her testimony in Relief society! We were talking about the importance of Visiting Teachers and she rose her hand and said "I am a living witness of the importance of visiting others." and then she told her story about how when we first visited her she wanted nothing to do with us, but then we kept going back and back. she said that she felt our genuine love for her, and that is what finally make her open up to accept the gospel.

I love this work, and I love my savior. I know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be made strong, and cleansed from our mistakes. I know that our Heavenly Father spends every second thinking and worry about us. She wants us to make the right choices, but he will never interfear with our agency. She shows his love for us in so many ways, so many tender mercies and blessings that at times we take for granted.
Always remember that Gods devoted purpose is for his children to return to his presence. Remember what your devoted purpose is: To return to his presence with your eternal family;

Love you all! Can~t wait to hear about all your excting weeks!

Sister Hannah 

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