Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016


This week was just increadible! Here are some highlights

Tuesday my whole zone (20 missionaries) did a takeover in Sao Francisco de Paulo. The ramo is very weak there, and all of the leaders come in from different branches. The purpose of this takeover was to find the families, and people who were prepared to hear the gospel, and to help strengthen the branch. Even the assistants to the president have been working and living in the area for about 3 weeks! It was such a successfull day. In total we had about 130 people enter the church to do a tour!

Thursday we did a fast with Emilia for her to recieve an answer if she should be baptized. The next day we visited her and she was just glowing. She recieved her answer that this is the only true church, and that God leaded her to us. She told us how much her live has changed since she has bee hearing our messages and going to church. She is so much happier, and now she understands her purpose in live. SO sunday she was BAPTIZED!!! She invited her family and it was such a powerful baptism. She couldn't hold back the tears of happiness, it was a day that I will never ever forget. More than 2 months we have been teaching her, but let me say that she will be a strong convert that will help in building the kindom of god here on the earth.

Saturday we had our Noite Americana! It went fantastic thanks to dad and all the amazing things that he brought! We had a member teach a country dance, we decorated cupcakes, had mac n cheese, played chirades, gave away prizes, etc. It was so so fun! And elder and sister copa were more than thankful for the party in their honor. But let me just say Brazilians go nuts over american things....I put out all the candy, and american snacks and the whole place turned into a zoo attack. It was like the first one to the table and the others would go in for the kill. I was even shoved out of the way when I was taking out the goodies. Oh funny part was I was dumping out the huge bags of candy, bars, fruit rollups, etc and they would pick up these huge bags and boxes and start filling them up for themselves ....craaaaazzyyyyy...... but glad they liked it!

some Tips I learned from our training with President Campos:
God loves all his children, but he only trusts some with his important tasks.
We don't grow when we have trials. We learn. We grown when we APPLLY what we learn.

So I love my time here. I love seeing my recent converts passig the sacrament, going to the temple, planning for missions, etc. Joy that I cannot even explain.... :)


Sister Hannah

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