Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016


This keyboard is so hard to press my fingers it is growing my apps and biceps...but ANYWYS...

This week was awesome, here are some litle snippits

1.) Afonzo, my 17 year old recent covert bore his testimony is sacrament meeting! He was so nervous, basically every part of his body was shaking but he did wonderful! There really is no better feeling than seeing him progress in the gospel and even prepare to serve a MISSION!

2.) This week we had such a spiritual experience with Emilia and her family. We were explaining the importance of the Holy Ghost and the necessity of having the gift. We explanined that my talented  companion would sing a song in english, so they wouldn~t understand anything, but to focus on their feeelings. During the song they all started to cry, and felt so strongly the peace, confort and influence of the holy ghost. I know that if we just open our hearts, the holy ghost will makes a huge influence in our lives.

3.) So something that I started doing this week....the first thing I do when I wake up is SMILE, and the last thing I do before going to bed is SMILE. So simple, but it has made such a hude difference in the way that I feel!

4.) I know with all my heart that this is the true chuch of Jesus CHrist. Is is a church of change, of transformtion, and examples. We are truely chosen to live in this latter days, and God has chosen us to be strong enough to endure to the very end.

Take a step back and realize how the gospel has blessed and influenced your life. Stay firm, stay faithful, and stay true. And thank God.

Love you all!

Sister hannah

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