Monday, August 22, 2016

August 15, 2016

Rafael was baptized!!!!!!! Not sure if I have given an update on him in a little while..he is the boyfriend of a member! His baptism was so amazing, he was just glowing. He is a really really shy guy, but the day of his baptism it was like he was truely a different person. So happy and his eyes were shinning.

He invited his siblings and they came! (his brother has purple hair and tons of piercings, and his sister is also dating a member!) After his baptism his sister Raqael told us that she never felt such an amazing feeling during Rafaels baptism, and she wants to be baptized! We are going to baptize their whole family so that they can be sealed for time and all eternity!

Oh so we had quite an experience this week. We got of of a bus at night, and all of a sudden this man pops out from behind us and randomly tells us this long story about how he lost his bible. He pleeded with us to bring him another.

Sure it was extremely random, but we thought maybe it could be an amazing teaching experience! Anywayssss we passed by his house later that week and gave him a lesson about the trinity because he had lots of questions. We were sitting on chairs that were placed half way out the door (because cant teach a man alone inside of his house. During this lesson I felt just a horrible feeling inside. Which is not normal for a missionary to feel! But we finished the lesson and out of the blue he goes "Do you two have the courage to teach a trafficer?" .....uhhhhh first of all sister snyder and I did not recognize the word in portuguese so we got out our dictionary to find out what in the world he was asking us and when we saw the word trafficker (drug) we both just stared at eachother and back at the man in complete and utterly shock. I immediently said that everyone is a child of God, and that we were represenatives of Jesus Christ who are not affraid.  (we totally acted chill but sprinted right out of that house FRIGHTENED out of our minds).

Still not quite sure if he was joking, is actually a trafficer, or whatnot. But, just to be safe never ever going back there again. As a missionary you really do experience just about everything....and more!

So that was a strange snippit from my week!

Love you my fam!!

Sister Hannah

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