Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016

Oi Família!,

Let me just start that I feel so blessed to be serving in the land I love, with people I love, for my Father in Heaven that I love. I am having so many spiritual experiences that I know I will forever remember. I love that my savior is walking with me every step of the way, and I feel so blessed to be his represenative.

This week Raquel was baptized and it was such a tender experience. I loved hearing her testimony that she wants to have an eternal family and raise her kids in the gospel. She said that she has never felt such happiness in her life.

So it has been raining a freaking ton here in Gramado....I am on my 4th umblella. They just break so easy, and basically fly right out of my hands

This week we had divisions and I was in the Campo Bom area. Man, campo bom is campo branco. That area is increadible! Every house that we knocked had people! The total oposite of Gramado. So hard because everyone works all day everyday and only return at night.

My companion and I are having such a blast planning this Noite Americana that we are going to have Saturday! A huge thanks to dad to sending an increadible about of American GOODIES! (even my president of the mission will be attending...ah!)

LOVE you all, have an amazing week!

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