Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 19, 2016-

Hey Family!

This week really was packed full! Highlights:

-So remember in Gramado when I baptized Emilia?I heard word that she is already saving up money so that her 5 year old niece can serve a mission! Ahhh that made me so so happy. I love how this work continutes through generations. It makes me think about mypast  relatives, and because of their choice to be baptized, I am here today. So greatful for their sacrifice so that I could be a member of the true church today. 

-Sister Berry and I were walking on the street middle of the day. I made a contact with a women and said something like we are missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ and we had message that could change her life. 
She responce was quite unusual...she answered by grabbing a huge bottle of tequilla out of her bag and offering us some. no thanks. moving on

Had such a scarring experience....well kinda. We were in a lesson so spiritual and all but there was an issue. The freaking dog in the house would not stop licking my feet!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot stand dogs. And LICKING me....oh my gosh I could't take it. I kept trying to shove the fat fur-ball away from me but the owner kept looking at me at the exact moments that I tried to kick the thing away. So ended up sacfricing my feet for the good of the lesson

-So wednesday I woke up, and did the usual. Pray, and head out of our bed room to get up and ready to work out. But I stepped out of our room anndddddd THE FLOOR WAS probably 2 inches of water in our apartment. And let me that we live on the third flood. Such a frightening experience. But we got it all cleaned up and good. Looks like we left a rag in the sink where the water drains from the washing mashine....ooops.

We had the awesome experience to meet with our whole mission to hear from a seventy.  I love having these representatives of christ and leaders of the church visit to nourish and strengthen our mission. He made us excited to baptize families, and help people understand that families can be eternal!

This week I really understood how we need the Holy Ghost in our lives. Because through him, we recieve answers and help from our Heavenly Father. I also feel so blessed to have the atonement in my life. I love that we can change, and become better people. I know that the gospel is simple, and if we live it we will be able to have eternal happiness with our father in heaven. Life is short, so give all that you got to become more like our Savior. Remember who you are, but also what you want to become. 

I love you family, thank you for all the strength that you give me!

Sister Hannah

My whole mission. Can you find Sister Hannah? 

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