Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016-

Hey Fam!

This week was truely amazing and such a testimony builder. I feel like I really came to find my true self. I want to be the person that my heavenly father knows that I can be. I now that I have a lot to improve, but I have so much motivation to be more like my savior!

Highlights about this week

-We have an investigator, Tiwani who has 9 years old. Too bad her parents are totally not very interested because she is AMAZING! She went to church last sunday and this past sunday she watched conference with us. So she so speacial and has such a deside to learn. ALSO she read the whole book of mormon. all of it. in like 3 days. What 9 year old does that?! She said that she brought the book of mormon with her to school, and all activities. Any free time she had she sat down and read away.
She even started reading the topical guide (part at the end of the book of mormon). She stopped at the definition of Quorrom haha. She had so many questions and was so entusiastic.
She is such an example to me because although I bet she hardly understood anything, she kept on reading.
I know that alot of times in our lifes we are confused and don~t have all the answers. But if we just continue on with faith in Christ, we will come to know the truth and gods love for us. Trust that God has a plan for you, and that he will guide and direct you to achieve that marvilous plan,

-So I lost my last missionary name tag... I am currently Sister Berry #2...

-General Conference was so amazing! You know that overwhealming, burning, feeling that you get in your chest from the spirit? That´s how I felt during all 8 hours of conference. And yes I got to watch it in english! I recieved so many answers and personal revelations to my prayers. I know that the lord is mindful of us, especially the little things. keep trying, keep going forward, keep trusting in our Father in heaven. Have hope, joy and love in God and especially believe in the glorious blessings that he has instore for you. Go unto him will a broken heart and contrite spirit and his love will pour upon you.
Do you realize how blessed you are? Do you realize how special and important you are? Do you understand the importance of this increadible restored gospel?

Don't just know OF christ, really really KNOW who He is.

I testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the kingdom of God here on the earth, and I feel so privlaged to be apart of it. Love you all, stay strong, stay motivated, and don't give up.

Sister Hannah

2 sister Berrys in the house

Conference breakfast - American style

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