Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 24, 2016

Hey Fam!

This week was just a recharge of motivation and faith. Sister Campos is just amazing and she is all about working, teaching by the spirit, and loving the people we are teaching.

Few updades about the week:
-it rained like cats and dogs for 5 straight days. appartently the highway to Caixias crumbled into pieces because of it. It will be 10 more months until it is fixed up.
Our branch presdient wasn´t even able to make it to church because he is stuck in Caixias.....

-We met a family man named Mauro. He is catholic and when we taught the restoration you could really see the spirit working though him. He finally blurted out, "wait a minute, I was born into the catholic church and I never actually looked for the truth for myself!!"
Yes. that was a powerful moment. What is really cool about being a missionary is that I get to see people discover their testimonies. To see people change for the better, and to follow the prompings of the Holy Ghost.

- MIRACLE was that we finally met a family that the Lord has been preparing for us. Funny thing is that they were a reference from a 11 year old boy. But a GOLDEN reference. We taught the restoration and they just just glowing with tears streaming down their faces. They told us that they have been waiting for so long to hear our message. To hear the grand, marvelous news that Christ´s church is again on the earth with a prophet and 12 apostles. What an increadible opportunity to show the path of truth, and to lead this beautiful, family back home to their father in Heaven. They felt so blessed that the Lord chose them to recieve the restored gospel. I know that the Lord is doing His part in preparing his children. Just our part to find them!!

Other miracle. Claudio (boyfriend of a member) finally went to church for the first time! they are both like 40 years old and have just been living together. We visited them after church and while we were there, he got on 1 knee and proposed!! They wil be getting married in hopefuly less than 30 days so he can be baptized!

Miracles are happening right infront of my very eyes. It is increadible how the Lord is blessing us. I know that if we just continue on with faith and trust in him, he will pour upon us the most wonderful blessings. I love being a missionary. I love helping others come unto Christ.

Hope you all have an amazing week, I know I will!! :)

Sister Hannah

October 17, 2016

Hey Family!

Well transers were this week and sister berry is off to zona Passo Fundo! It has been such a privlage to be her companion. She is so hard working, inspirational, and always looking to improve.

So my new companion was a bit of suprise. We got a call from Presdient Campos yesterday night wondering when we would arrive back to our appartment. He told sister berry that she would be transfered out and that he personally would bring me my new companion....his daughter!!! She has already put her mission papers in and wanted to do a "short term mission" while she is waiting to to hear back where she will be serving. Let´s just say I was more than excited about this! she is truely amazing and has such a desire to serve. So I guess that means I am training again? What is hard about short term missionaries is that they just go directly to the field (no CTM training). So looks like we are starting from scratch here, but I know that she has just a huge potential!  I am really really excited to get the work rolling. 

This past transfer had been really hard. I feel like I had worked harder than I ever had on the mission, and yet we had no baptisms. I couldn´t help but doubt myself and always wonder what I was doing wrong. I felt stressed all the time and at times not good enough. But wow did that change. I prayed and prayed for guidence, and an answer to know what I should do. I know that God answers our prayers and he loves us. There was one moring that truely made me feel like a special daughter of my heavenly father. I was reading in mosiah and the first few chapters are just amazing. The speech of King Benjamin. I felt such an overwhelming feeling that I just need to have peace in my heart, Have  trust in the Lord and do not faulter. I know that this is the Lord's work, it is on his time, and in his hands. I feel so blessed to be lead and guided by the most powerful, but loving person that exisits. Do we realize how incredibly special we are to our heavenly father? He always wants to help us. When we try our hardest to do his will, he will grant upon us the most wonderful blessings.

Remember to pray as if it all depends on the Lord. Then get on your feet and work as if it all depends on you. Life isn't hard, because it isn´t supposed to be. Learn to be greatful for your enjoyable experiences, but also the most difficult ones.

This week we met so many amazing people and I know that the blessings are comig! Two families that are legally married and looking for a church. I feel the spirit working within me, and I feel honored to be a tool in the Lord's hands. I honestly feel such a love and such a need to help God's lost sheep. The children that want to find the way back to him, but know not where to find it. 

Something I was also thinking about this week: Can the lord trust me to the an angel in another persons life? Will I obey the promptings of the spirit when they come upon me? Yes, I am one person, but I can do so much because of the power I am recieving from my Heavenly Father.

I love my family. Remember to always put the lord fist. because we will not faulter with him at our side.

Have an amazing week, love you!!

Sister Hannah

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