Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016-

Hey Fam!

So start off, a big happy birthday to Dad, Adam, Eli and Alex!!

This week was amazing, we had so many increadible experiences that strengthened my testimony.

First off, remember that I said that I lost my coat with my last name tag on it? Well, so I basically figured that there was no way that I would ever see it again. I was supper bummed, but I thought "why get upset about it if I won´t get it back!" That bus was going all the way to porto alegre will tons of brazilians who were anxious for a new red coat.

But later in the week, such a strong feeling came over me, one that I cannot forget. And powerful words echoed in my mind that said "Why do you doubt me? Don´t you know that I have the power to do anything?". Man in that moment I dropped to my knees and began to ask forgiveness. I poured out my heart to him, that I know for certainty that he is capabile of anything. In this moment I felt my faith begin to strengthen. I had such a perfect faith and knowlege of who my Heavenly Father is. I prayed with a perfect knowlege that I would get my coat (and missionary name tag) back. I put all of my trust in him, and I knew that it would be done. I felt his overpowering love for me, and his concern.

So a few days later what happend? We boarded a bus and what was there, my coat and my Sister Hannah name tag. Wow was that moment so powerful for me.

I know that the Lord is capable of all, it is US who need to put our complete faith and trust in him. (Ask and ye shall Recieve.) Because when we do, miracles happen. And we see the tender mercies of the lord in our life.
I know that losing a "little coat" seems silly to pray about, but even the little things matter so much to our heavenly father.
Remember to strengthen your faith each day in prayer, because he has many miracle waiting at your door.

Taiwani came to church again but this time she bore her TESTIRMONY!! No one even told her to, she just hopped right on up there. She shared a really sweet story about when we believe in God, there will be more than just bread and water on the table. We will recieve many blessings and many "delicious" foods. She is increadible. She told us this week that she prayed if she should be baptized or not and that Heavenly Father responded "pode!" (you can!)

We also had a married couple come to church, and they adored it! Maria Rosana said that she has never felt such a strong desire in her heart to be baptized in a church. She told us that the next time we have a baptism, she is going to enter in water aswell!

Also another thing that happened, we walked an hour and 40 minutes to get to our "reference from the heavens" butttttttt she was on her way out. So we walked the 2 hours back to our next area. Welllll lets just say my legs were a bit strained, but we had an adventure in the most beautiful parts of Nova Petropolis!

Love you all so much! I feel so privlaged to be a missionary. I am having so many spiritual experiences that confirm that this is the only true church and that God loves us will all her heart. Remember to strengthen your family each and every day. I love my family so much, and i feel muito saudades of you guys!!

Have a really already been gone for 8 months? wow.

Sister Hannah

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