Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 10, 2017


Só alegria aqui em Campo Bom!
(Only happiness here in Campo Bom) 

Here are some highligts of this week:

-Lisangela was baptized!!! I still am so astonished by how increadibly prepared she was by the Lord to be baptized. We met her only 9 days before she was baptized, and it was my greatest pleasure to teach her. She is an increadible mother, and is looking for a change in her life. She has such a desire to serve, and live the commandments with exactness. She was baptized by Aldroaldo, a recent convert who gave us her referal. Aldroaldo also baptized his 8 year old son with Lisangela, which was a special experience for him and us. Great news is that 3 of Lisangela´s kids went to the baptism, and they are all interessted...especially knowing that one day they too can go to a foreign land and serve a mission like us!

-Glad to hear that your fouth of July went well! A member here, Vanessa, made homemade hamburgers completely American style. Hand made patties topped with cheese, pickles, homemade guacamolé, onions, lettuce, tomatoe, BBQ sauce, mustand, ketchup, doritos, and a side of fries. And for dessert was glorious. Almost the best meal that i´ve had here in Brazil....Jk i love the brazilian food too.....

-So our mission, Porto Alegre North, is on fire!!!! Out of the 34 missions in Brazil, our mission is ranked #4 in the number of convert baptizms! That´s right, we are in the top 5 with the Rio, Fortaleza east, and Recife. Our mission presidents are  incredible, and they are always helping us get motivated and to realize that we are capable of so much more!

-Campo Bom is also progressing immensly!! Finally our branch has been approved to move our local to a larger space!! The little blue house where we are at now is just horrid.....and not to mention that it has been broken into many times (including a few weeks ago). We are moving into a building where we will rent the whole bottom floor.. The best part is, the building is completely new, so we won´t have any more issues with ant infestations, or issues with the roof falling apart, and rain drenching all the sacrament meeting chairs.
When they announced the great news to our branch, there was such a burning strong spirit. Everyone has been working so hard giving us referals, and inviting their friends to church. I know that after acts of faith and hard work is when the miracles come. 

I feel so imesnsly blessed! So many great things are happening....

Love you all! 

Sister Hannah

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