Monday, July 24, 2017

July 17, 2017

Querida Família,

-I just can´t believe how many miracles we have had here in Campo Bom...the Lord truly blesses us in double when we are dilligent and obediente in keeping his commandments. Highlight of this week was that FINALLY after about 4 months, Jackie and Sergio were baptized!! Our branch helped us throw a wedding for them on Friday, and on Saturday they entered the waters of baptism. Sister Jolley and I sang a mix up in English and Portuguese of “Families can be together Forever” and “I love to see the temple” It was such a special experience to see them all in white, making a sacred promise and covenant with Heavenly Father.  Can´t even explain how happy I am!!

-This Sunday there were 4 confirmations in sacrament meeting: Lisangela, Jackie, Sergio, and little 8 year old Bruno. One of those speical moments that I will never forget...
-Another highlight was that this week Sister Jolley and I had a ROAD TRIP with President and Sister Campos! We went to the coast of the Rio Grande do Sul to visit Tramandaí, Osório, Imbae, and other áreas. Finally I got to visit the that was increadible. We stayed in a Hotel over looking the ocean, and were spoiled to wake up to watch the sun rise. Talk about a missionaries dream coming to pass.  I know that the Lord blesses us  imensly when we do what he asks, the rewards are wonderful!

As part of this road trip we participated in the  the Osório Zone meeting, and also did inspections of the missionaries apartments. Let me just say....Elders are such slobs!! My goodness. I don´t know how they stand to live in such smelly, dirty, grows atmospheres. The bathrooms, refridgerators, and basically everything was just nasty I swear, there was mold and fungus living in those walls..Poor Sister Campos has to make these visits weekly. It was quite an experience....unforgetable actually. But hilarous how afterwards Sister Campos got on their tails, and inverviewed them about the importance of cleaning and even taught them how to do so.

-Sister Jolley and I have been doing insanity for a few weeks now, and finally our apartment complex has complained...apparently there is too much movement and jumping around during the “silent hour”...  now what?
-Or recent convert, Adilson, asked us, “Why are missionaries so happy? “ Well, it´s because we are privelaged to serve all day long. It´s because we forget ourselves, and are always looking to help Heavenly Father´s children. It´s because we have come to feel the Lords constant presence and unconditional love in our lives. It´s because we are helping the Savior in his sacred, urgente work to share the gospel to all the world!

Te amo!
Sister Hannah

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