Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017- Final Email!!!

Minha Família!,

Another week of miracles, and I feel beyond blessed to see the Lord´s hand activily in my life.


- The branch thew a cute little wedding for Cíntia and her husband Paulo. Many pitched in helping with decoration, cake, brigadeiros,  mayonnaise sandwiches (ekkkkk...definantly not my thing), and salgadinhos. But the greatest moment was seeing Cíntia enter into the waters of baptism. She has been eggarly waiting for this moment for over a month now, and was anxious to follow Christs example. When we asked her what baptism meant to her she said "It will be one of the most important days of my life. It will be celebrated like my second birthday because I will be born again!" The baptisimal font heater didn´t end up working, and Cíntia was baptized in water so cold that it basically had ice cubes. When the branch president asked her if she was still up for being baptized and she responded, "Well, if it is for me to be born again, let´s DO IT" The poor thing looked like she almost passed out because it was so cold, but she was a trooper. Definantly a moment that she will never forget...

- I have been praying a lot recently,asking Heavenly Father what I still need to change/do better in this last feel moments as a misionary.  I wanted to know what else he wanted me to learn and take with me to appy for the rest of my life. Well, I asked for it, this week Elder Aidukaitis (the area president of Brazil visited our mission and the answer hit me like a ton of bricks. His training was basicall putting the hammer down about how we need to elevate the way that we plan and make goals. His words were strict, forward, a bit harsh, but truly needed to be heard. He said that we need to dominate the techniques and principes of making goals and plans becuase it is only through doing this that we will make a great difference and reach our full potential What is the difference that you will make? How will you get there?

I can´t believe that my time as a full time misionary and represenative of christ is coming to an end... I know that I will never ever get this time back, so I will use every last drop of energy. Choosing to serve a mission was the best choice that I made, and truly has changed my life. I can´t even begin to express my gratitude for this unbelievable experience. I have been blessed with so many spiritual experiences, miracles, and tender, unforgetable moments. I remember when I was preparing for my mission I kept thinking "serving a mission will be such a huge sacrifice, because there are so many things that I will leave behind." But what I have come to realize, is that serving a mission isn´t a sacrifice, it is a privilage. It is an honnor to be doing what Christ would do if he were on the earth today: going to house and house teaching the gospel, loving the people, and giving hope and light to those in need.

I have seen so many lives changed, especiallly mine.
I am proud to say that I truly gave my all. 

I have learned so many things over this past year and a half, but of all the things I have come to strength my testimony that Christ lives, he is our beloved Savior, and that  his church is on the earth today. I have come to know my Savior, and feel his close, constant presence in my life. I know that he payed the price for our sins, and knows our every need. He felt our sorrows, pains, sicknesses, frustrations, stresses, doubts, and our burdens. He knows each and everyone of us perfectly. He loves us.

I love the people of Brazil. My heart feels like it is tearing apart....but I know that he Lord has a plan for me.

So greatful all the support that I have been given....I have the best family in the world!

com amor,

Sister Hannah

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