Tuesday, July 11, 2017

June 27, 2017

Oi Minha família!,

-Miracle was that Kevin was baptized! He truly was prepared by the Lord, and put in our path. We met kevin 3 weeks ago when he showed up at church one sunday morning. he said that 2 women talked to him on the street and told him that he needed to go to our church. They explained how to arrive, and he followed their request. he describled these 2 women as missionaries like us but the interesting part is that Sister Jolley and I are the only sisters here in campo bom. I can´t help but think that heavenly father send some of his angels to lead kevin to the truth. he had been looking for the right path, and was ready to start a new life. He got emotional at his baptism, and it was such a special experience to see Kevins progress. I know that Heavenly Father is knows each of his children by name, and knows their personal needs. 

-Sister Jolley and I got to go to the airport to recieve the new missionaries from the CTM. 8 sisters arrived and 1 elder. It was so increadible, they were all glowing with excitement to arrive in the best mission in the world: Brazil Porto Alegre North. Arrived a lot of Sisters from The North East of brazil, that are already dying of coldness....the poor things. Winter has not even arrived yet!

-This week we taught a man named William who was giving us a hard time. he kept inturupting us during the lesson, asking questions that had nothing to do what we were teaching, etc. But Sister Jolley and I exercised our patience, and answered each and every question delicatly. Finally, William got all quiet, and he asked, "Do you love what you do? Do you love being a missionary?" Sister Jolly and I looked at eachother, and uncontrolably smiling I said, "yes, we love it will all of our hearts". William looked us straight in the eyes, and said "I know, I can feel it and see it in your eyes" The sucker said that  he was trying to "test" us to see if were "true cristians". And he told us that the way that we reacted with him, gave him the certainty that we are true represenatives of christ, and that what we teach is the truth. hopeing that Willliam will be baptised here in a bit!

-There was an activity in our Stake about missionary work, and a few members shared their experience of their conversion story. So many of them couldn´t stop the tears, when they explained how their lives completly changed when they found the truth, and when they were baptized. I know that with the restored gospel in our lives, we are so increadibly blessed, and we need to recognize the value of this.

I know that Christ lives, and that his church exists on the earth today.


Sister Hannah

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