Friday, March 11, 2016

March 11, 2016-Week #3

Hey Family!!

Wow today have been such an eventful week! First of was I
have the BEST day ever today. I get out of the beautiful temple and
who was standing there....victoria, hannah, kiddies, and pumpkin
cookies!! ahh all of my favorite things! My heart literally skipped a
beat when I saw them, it made me so happy!!! So amazing to see
familiar faces. Thank you for coming all the way to suprise me guys,
you are the best!! My instructors were really nervous that I might get
trunky from seeing them, but honestly it made me want to work even harder because I was reminded that all of you are cheering me on.

Well so a few points from this week

1.) We went proselyting  on the STREETS. All 7 of us missionaries in my district had to give out 5 Book  of Mormons and we were So NERVOUS. But it was so so much fun. Seriously people in Brazil are so kind and everyone we talked to was so open to hearing our message about the church and book of mormon.

2.) Last Sunday I bore my testimony in Portuguese!!! Sure it was short, and was no where near perfect Portuguese, but it felt so good to be able to speak from my heart in this language  that i´ve only been learning for 3 weeks! Portuguese is coming guys!! The gift of tongues is SO real I can´t even explain

3.) When my companion were teaching a lesson and she meant to say `´commandments are blessings not burdens, but instead
she said ´commandments are blessings not crap´ (she pronounced the
word wrong in portuguese BAHAHHAHHA) our investigator was crying she was laughing so hard.

4.) Thank you stephen so much for the workout book, SO HELPFUL

5.) We got a new guy in our district from provo and he´s 6´9 ... tall and skinnyyyyyy

Love  you all so much!!!


Sister Hannah

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