Monday, March 28, 2016

March 25, 2016

Only 3 more days in the CTM and man am I excited for the field! This week not much happened but here´s a few things that I wrote down throughout the week:
1.) Substitute fear with faith. This has defiantly been my motto in the CTM and also going into the field. I have trust in the Lord that I am here for a reason, and that there is work here to be done. Sure i´m a little nervous, but I know that I can do it! Faith brings HOPE, and gives life to our souls. Also, fear just makes us run away from developing relationships/getting success. Don´t let fear get in the way accomplishing amazing things!
2.) Thank you so much Christine for the stationary I have been using it SO much for my instructors, friends, and others!
3.) So apparently I have 6 name tags! They messed up 3 times making them so I have two Sister Neeleman, two Sister Labrum, and 2 Sister Hannah. hahhah i´ll be sure to send them home when I get a chance! So funny
4.) A elder in my district found out last week that his father had Lung Cancer. His family broke the news to him over skype, and it has been very very difficult for him. Please keep his family in your prayers (Diaz Family)
5.) Another motto of mine has been to try to make everyday better than the last. Each day I strive to be more Christ-like, and in doing so, my love is growing immensely for others.
6.) I´m trying to convince my companion to go to BYU Provo for accounting! She is extremely smart and I think she would love it! Looking back on the first week here at the CTM, our relationship is serisouly a whole world different. We have grown so much love and understanding for one another, and I am going to miss her and her sassy personality so much!!
7.) This past week a member of the Quorm of the 70 spoke (they´re from utah) and they said they know Grandma and Grandpa and love them dearly! I agreed and told them that I have the best grandparents in the entire world!

Next time I write i´ll finally be in PORTO ALEGRE! So excited!!


Sister Hannah

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