Friday, March 4, 2016

March 4, 2016

So wow time here have gone by so fast/slow all at the same time!!
So basially we wake up at 6:15am, study in a room with about 5 other missionaries, eat breakfast at 7:30am, and then go back into the room to be taught portuguese and plan lessons to teach investigators until 12pm for lunch, then we teach investigators, and study more and more and then dinner at 5pm, then workout, then study more, then go to bed at 10:30pm! It really is super simple, but it seems so long because we mosly are in the same classroom all day long. My fitbit says I barely even walk 5,000 steps a day....ahhhh

Today we were able to go to the Sao Paulo Temple and man it completely took my breath away. It was SO beautiful I honestly never wanted to leave. I love the feelings that I get in the temple, because I feel so close to the Lord and I feel so much love for him.

So in my bedroom there is me, my companion Sister Bavu, 2 other Americans, and 2 Brazilians. It is so hilarious because the Brazilians are teaching us Portuguese and we are teaching them English. All night in english they say ´shut up and turn off the light´then they die laughing haha
It´s super fun being with people from all around the world because we all have different ways of doing things (which can also be super annoying). For example, it is SO HOT here but our Brazilian roomates insist that we sleep with the fan off, and it´s killing me....I basically drown in a puddle of sweat all night (sick right?). But all good because I shower 2-even 3 times a day...crazy.

Twice a week we get to hear devotionals and they are seriously so inspiring, I love it. This week we had one about how missionaries are like angels becasue they bless the lives of others. I can~t wait to be that ´angel`, the person who makes the difference to change someones life for the better.

So as you know my name here is Sister Hannah, and I can´t even begin to example the amount of times I get asked ´so what´s your first name.....` (by the Americans) or ´Hannah, like Hannah Montana!!´(from the brazilians). I tell everyone that my first name is claire which is super stange, but I´m even starting to believe that is true myself. 

We do service here a once or twice a week, and while a bunch of the sisters fold laundry, the brazilians always beg me to sing American songs so they can try to sing along too. They especailly love miley cyrus and justin bieber haha. 

I truely love the brazilian people SO So much!! they are all so kind and loving. They always say hello with a hug and kiss on the cheek, which makes me feel so welcome.

Thank you all so much for your letters, advice, support and love. I am loving my time here and trying to not waste/procrastinate a single minute. I hope you get the pictures!


Sister Hannah

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