Friday, March 18, 2016

March 18, 2016- 1 MONTH!!!

Nossa!! I can´t believe that I have already been in Brasil for a whole month! I am learning so much here, it really just soaks up all my time. But here are some things from this week:

1.) I have a testimony that time is a precious gift, and that we shouldn´t waste it because we can never get it back again. I am trying my hardest to use every minute to my advantage, whether it be studying words, phrases, grammer, leccons, etc.

2.) I love what Matt´s grandpa (Joseph B Worthlin) said: ´come what may, and love it´ athough time here is difficult and stressfull, i´m learning to just accept it with a smile, because I know that as a result I am much much happier. 

3.) fun facts about my companion: she speaks 7 languages (her home language is Xhosa and she speaks it to me a ton), she wants to study accounting, she ´tries´to wash her hair once a month, and she scripture slaps me all the time (she is literally an expert). I love so much hearing all her stories from South Africa because it really is a world different than life in in the states. She is teaching me everyday to me more humble.

4.) I know for a fact that God knows me (and each of us) personally. He knows exactly what trails and experiences I need for me to learn and grow. I know that sometimes the trials I recieve in this life are very challenging, but that he never gives me something that I can't overcome and be strengthened from in the process.
 I love the scripture Ether 12:27. It talks about that we all have weaknesses, but if we are humble and come unto Christ, those weaknessess will become strengths. That is such an amazing promise!

5.) I have come to realize that you can learn something from EVERYONE. Whether it´s good things, or things that make you realize you dont want to do.Since I am meeting so many people here, I trying to think about something that I can learn from them and apply to my life. 

6.) Funny story: So we had just finished up playing Volleyball and they only give us 25 minutes to shower, and get ready again for class. So I was sitting at my desk brushing my knotty hair, trying to race against time. I pulled so hard on on my hair that I flew back in my chair, legs flailing in the air and crashed head first on the floor. bhahahahah so painful but I was dying laughing at myself. I wished so bad that I could have had a video of it because it was just one of those moments that if I even think about it, I burst out laughing. 

7.) as a district, we have a testimony meeting that truely opened my eyes. You really NEVER understand what people have experience in their life or the trails they have faced. It is just a strong reminder to me to never judge someone, because there is always something that you don't fully understand about them. Be kind to everyone, no matter who they are. Look for the good in everyone, because everyone is a child of god, and everyone wants to feel loved.

Love you all!! Brasil is so amazing, and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for all the people/experiences that lead me to serve mission because it truely is the best thing in the world! I feel so fortunate to be in a place that I love, sharing the gospel that I love.   

Com Amor,

Sister Hannah

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