Monday, January 23, 2017

January 16, 2017

Hey Family!

Man it is sizzling hot here in campo bom, but I am loving it!!  My companion is Sister Soares from Brasilia! What is funny is that she was my first sister leader when I arrived here, and now we are companions! This is her last transfer on the mission, so we are working like dogs to track down all the people that are being prepared by the Lord. Right now we are working with a family that is just increadible. They have 2 daughters who are loving Young womens. This was the third week that they have been at church. We are planning a beautiful wedding for them, and each member willl be pitching in to help out! They are so excited to be baptized, and are loving the book of mormon. They are noticiting such a huge difference in their family, and are already strengthening their testimonies. The mom, Adreana, said that if it wasnt for the marriage issue, she would have already been baptized weeks ago!

Lets just say that I am not used to working in a big city! This place is enormous and we have so many people to get to know. Here is campo bom it is still a branch, but it will be a ward in no time!

I am loving being a represenative of christ. I am learning so much, and truely coming to know who I can become. I know that if we learn to trust in the lord, and work with all our might, the blessings of the heavens will shower upon us. Remember that the greatest desire of our heavenly father is our eternal happiness! Be happy, even in the harest of times. Remember that you are never alone, and that the savior is ready to help us along. 

I have seen so many people suffering, hopeless, and lost. I know that with the restored gospel in our lives we understand that their is meaning to live! We understand the sacrifice that christ did for us. We come to love others, and look to serve those who are in need.

My mission is the biggest blessing that I could ever recieve. I love being an instrument in the Lords hand to accomplish his work and glory here in the earth. I love it more than words can describe!!


Sister Hannah

Addendum to Hannah's letter. She told us last week that she was made a Sister Leader. Since it is relatively newly created position for the Sisters, I asked Hannah what are her new responsibilities. 

This was her reply: 

There are only 10 sister leaders in the whole mission. So each week my companion and I do splits or divisions with other sisters to see how they are planning, teaching, obeying he mission rules, etc. We also get their numers each week to see how many lessons they are doing etc. It is really great! I am getting to help others and I also learn alot from the other sisters as well! It is a big responsabiliity, but I am loving the opportunity! 

So each week either we visit the area of other sisters, or they come here to Campo bom. It is pretty cool!
i guess you could call it like a "zone leader" because we also get the chance to give training to the whole zone on tuesdays. We also go to the training with all the zone leaders to hear presidente campos and the assistants!

We are so proud of Hannah. She is amazing.

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