Monday, January 9, 2017

JANUARY 2, 2017

Hey Family,

Feliz Ano Novo!! 2017 has finally arrived!

So happy that Claudia and Jorge (parents of the triplets) came to church! After church they invited us over for lunch. They made homemade pasta, homemade empanadas, and so much more. Increadible. Something interesting about Claudia is that she has to read from the end to the front. So she started reading the book of mormon starting with Z in the topical guide. But she is already in Mormon! She loves the book of mormon and she is truely finding answers within it.

Ana Elena is also progressing alot. This week she said that she thinks a lot about  her future, and she knows that she needs to find the true church. She wants to feel an answer in her heart that the church is true. She is increadible!

This past week I have been reflecting alot about this past year, and it truely has been the most streaching and growing year. Crazy to think that almost all of it has been here in Brazil. I have honestly felt the sincere love and concern that My Heavenly Father has for me and each one of his children.
I have learned to want to be who he knows that I can be. I want to have a greater vision of what is possible.
I know that I have a lot of change, but I have learned to become more humble before the Lord, and recognize my weaknesses. If we truely want to change, and be better, the first step is recognizing what we lack!
I have been thinking alot about making goals for this year, 2017. Goals that will help me grow spiritually. It is so important that each and everyone of us truely comes to know who Heavenly Father is. His perfect atributs, his love, his greatness, his power. I know that he is capable of all. When we understand who our Heavenly Father is, we have a greater apreaciation of his Plan of Salvation. That his greatest desire is for each of his children to return to his presence. He is doing everything possible to get us back home, but we are the ones who ultimently make the choice.

Another thing that I really learned this year is to put all my fears, worries, and uncertainties in the hands of the Lord. Put my complete trust that he has a plan for me. I know that hardships will come, but he will help us through. He will guide us to remain happy, hopeful, and strong.

I love you all! glad that the DR went well!!

Sister Hannah

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