Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

Hey Family!

What an increadible week! This week it really hit me that as a missionary, I am fullfilling scripture: that the gospel may be preached to every tounge. serving a mission truely is the greatest honor and blessing that i could recieve!

On Friday we had 2 sisters from Gramado here with us,and we had a tender experience with a member, Regane.  During Regane´s prayer to bless the food, she just cried and cried. When the prayer ended we all worrily asked what happened, and she sweetly said: "what a blessing to have 4 represenatives of christ, 4 angels in my home. The spirit is too strong, i cant hold back the tears". I just love the brasilian people! Honestly they are the cutest. They treat the missionaries as if christ really is in the walls of their homes. they are so sincere and truely willing to serve the lord in everyway they can.

Our investigators are progressing greatly! we have one family who was so impressed by the restoration. The mom has 8 kids (all above the age of 18) and she went about telling all her kids, "did you know that Christ´s church was taken from the earth? Did you know that it returned when joseph smith was called a prophet??" She understood that the restoration of the gospel of jesus Christ really is the biggest notice that there is on the earth, and she has such a desire to share this news with everyone!

Recently I have also been thinking a lot about the phrase "Raise the Bar to identify change". Each of us have such a divine potential, and at times we need to push out selves a little harder. Let the Lord make a change in you, and be willing to do whatever he asks. Only HE knows what we need to do in order to return to His presence. 

I have such a testimony that I am here in Brasil for a reason. I know that the Lord sends us to the exact place at the exact time. A life long of happiness of other people starts with the missionaries. What an increadible responsabilty that I have to bring happiness to the people here in Brasil! 

Love you all!

Sister Hannah

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