Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017- Sister Leader

Hey Family!!

Wow the time passes so fast and I have no time to write. But looks like I am finally being transfered from Zona Almost 11 months in this zone it will be strange to leave. I am greatful for my new calling as a Sister Leader! I will be serving in the hottest part of the mission, where it reaches 50 degrees C. (side note, last time I was there doing divisions my shoes melted on the bottom.....) But I couldn´t be more excited to serve in Campo Bom! The field is white and ready to harvest there!

This week was increadble and a week full of miracles. We met a family with 12 kids (10 are adopted). The best part is the Mom and the 4 oldest kids are already members of the church! They were baptized in another part of brazil but when they moved they became inactive. Miracle that we found them;

The blessings and fruits of our hard work here in Nova Petroplis are finally coming! Glad that I will be leaving Sister Fogo and her new companion with great investigatos and soon-to be-baptisms!

7 amazing investigators went to church, and they are all increadible and ready to be baptized! Life is amazing here in Nova Petroplolis, but I am excited to start a new journey!!!

love you all,

sister Hannah

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